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Well it is time to get the recouping on the road.....with my knee that is.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Some of you might think that I do not listen to what you are saying about knee surgeries or TKR = total knee replacement, but I am.

VONBLACKBIRD aka Barb I am reading you loud and clear. PROMISE! -SEVEN- I am also taking your advise to take better care of myself. And my wonderful sister/friend Courti aka -Court- talked about sitting down and peddling her ?? something for her cardio and I just went hunting and found the one below. Thanks gals!

But the one place I am gleaning most of my information is in my Steely Sapphire Soldier BLC 21 spark team. So many of the women on there have had knee surgeries of some kind or like me they are going to have to have more (yes the DR says I will need a TKR by the end of 2013) or have not had any yet but are looking it right in the eye.

So for all you SSS gals this is what I have purchased myself to help me get better with my knee.

This handy dandy mini peddler gets plugged in and you can set the remote to a certain time & speed, then it tracks how many turns you have done and breaks that down into feet, measures your calorie burned but mainly it makes my knee go around in that motion without me having to manually do it. COOL HUH!!!!

Now this one is very light so can go with me on trips but it is manual so when I finally get where I can make that knee work without having to force it this one will be so handy. It also adjusts to pounds pressure so it gives you some resistance.

So thank you Barb, Seven and all the wonderful strong STEELY SAPPHIRE SOLDIER SISTERS I have helping me down this road. And a buig thank you to my Cappie Suzanne aka PINKHOPE for all her text to the hospital to check up on me. YOU RAWK!! Ooorah!


(PS Yes I was gone last week I had the horrible FLU and ended up in the hospital for 6 days. I got to come home Sunday afternoon and I am doing much better, thanks MAY aka Barbara for keeping up with me and letting my teams know what was up. I O U big time.
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