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Pieces of a jigsaw puzzle

Sunday, February 24, 2013

When I was younger we didn't have the cable tv that we do now. We were limited to the basic local channels and thus, we really didn't watch that much television. In the Winter we would spend evenings putting together a jigsaw puzzle with 1000's and 1000's of pieces. We started with the corner edges first and then fill in with alike colors. It was quite the task and our diligence almost always paid off. I do remember a few times when we LOST a piece. We would search the floor.....did one get knocked off the table? Did the manufacturer make an error? How crushing! All that work and the end result was not satisfactory.

Weight loss is like that.

All the healthy guidelines are pieces to the weight loss jigsaw puzzle.

1) water
7) lean protein
8) limiting the intake of sugars, sodium, and alcohol.

and yes....9) exercise

I think that their should be a 10 and 11.......MIND AND HEART.

I do. They play a huge role in the weight loss puzzle. I realize that they aren't on the check list of our journals, but ones still to address.

All our daily points need to address to the HGL first. They supply what our body indeed needs. We need to be good to our heart because when our body has everything it needs, it works better to help us lose the weight.

Just like the jigsaw puzzle, our components fill the picture and just one piece missing ruins the end result.

What piece do you need to work on?

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