SJC day 4

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I woke up at insane hour this morning so I figured why not do this and get it over with. I did 2 sets so far. I will get 2 more done after I get back from morning errands.
Since I have to work this afternoon, I dont want to push it and be hurting on the job.

Morning Nutrition Musts:
I must eat breakfast
I must include protein with my breakfast (eggs, smoked salmon, even leftover meat are all perfect. Full-fat plain yogurt is another option)
I must eat breakfast within 30-60 minutes of waking, unless doing cardio interval training in which case I must eat breakfast very soon after.

~~I have to admit, Im not always the best when it comes to eating breakfast all the time. Im going to work on this. If I can at least remember to add protein to mornings, I can alternate the greens depending what im having.
Some how I dont think green stuff and oatmeal are a good combo..lol
Today's workout: Sculpt and Tone
Perform just 8-12 repetitions of each of the following. Rest for 0-20 seconds between each exercise, and 20-60 seconds after each 'set' .
Perform 4-6 sets in total.*

1. 1-leg squats, back foot elevated (i.e. on a low step or bench). 3 seconds on the way down, complete each leg separately
(Did this next to my chair to have for balance.. just in case!)

2. Dumbell squat and press. Hold dumbells on your shoulders as you squat down, press them up FAST as you come up. 3 seconds on the way down.
(used my 5 lb weights)

3. Close-position push ups. Hands should be just inside your shoulders, this works your triceps more and is harder so you may need to be on your knees. 2 seconds down AND 2 seconds up.
(did these as wall pushouts. Will use steps next round while Im downstairs doing wash)

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