SJC day's 5&6

Friday, April 26, 2013

Nutrition [#5] You need to eat every 2-3 hours if you want to rock your jeans and STAY there.
Plan meals & snacks ahead.
[#6] SLOW DOWN- **Eating and chewing properly also stimulates better digestion, helping you burn more fat.**

~~Im a horrible planner, but will see what I can do to make this happen. It may take awhile for me to have this sink in, but I will get there.
When it is time to eat focus on that. If I eat when distracted, I tend to eat fast and eat more then planned, so this makes sense~~

FITNESS: 15-20 reps of each exercise. Rest for 10-30 seconds between exercises, and 30-120 seconds after exercise #3. Complete 3-6 rounds in total.

1. Wide stance frog jumps - Squat down, swing your arms back, and then swing them forward and jump forward at the same time.

2. 'Clap' push-ups - Best done on your knees unless you're a push-up queen!

3. Alternate jump lunges - Keep your chest up, lunge down and then 'jump and switch legs'. Stay on the same spot.

**if you're unable to jumping then repeat your workout from Day 2.**
~~Yeah- me and jumping = pissed off bladder! Day 2 works for me!!~~
We are not built the same or have the same abilities. Sometimes we need to adapt and modify.
Im a big believer in this. Do the best you can with what you have to work with.
This goes for all aspects of life. not just with exersises!

Day 6 is all about slowing down.. slow down the eating amd slow down the mind.
If we rush thru meals and workouts or just the day in general, it can backfire and undo some of the hard work put into self improvement
Workout for day 6 is to take a casual walk- get lost in nature, clear your mind.

~~I switched days around. I took yesterday as a refresh day mainly because I was tired and never completly woke up.~~
Im about to go repeat day 2's squats/lunges/pushups etc- Oh joy! LOL ~~

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