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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Before you start, I didn't intend for this to go on forever, but it did. Lots of random ramblings and thoughts...

I feel like sticking to a meal plan is getting a bit easier every day. This week has been awesome, but I totally contribute that to my zillion bags of already prepped and cooked meals. For the first time ever, I have everything for ten days (until Friday morning, the 24th) pre packaged and frozen or put away, except for one daily snack. My meal plan leaves room for extra calories each day, but I think that is a good thing because even if I had every last calorie planned for the day, I would still find a way to eat SOMETHING that's not on the list. This way, if I have an extra orange or a few shrimp (I'm making M shrimp alfredo tomorrow, curry shrimp on Friday and wild salmon (caught by us!!) with grilled lemon garlic shrimp next week) I won't be over my calorie goals.

-1/2 english muffin
-1.5 (meatless) salami rings (30 cal)
-shredded yam
-chopped kale
Add one egg.

Snack 1:
a) three days:
-1/3c oats
-wild blueberries
Add 2/3c water.

b) seven days:
-1c fruit (peach, wild blueberries, strawberries and mango)
Add 1 plain carton yogurt (80 cal) & blend

a) four days:
-1c tomato soup (tomato, basil, garlic, green onion)
-4 unsalted crackers

b) six days:
-1.75 cups carrot soup (1.5 carrots, chunk of cauliflower, garlic, green onion)
-4 unsalted crackers (obviously bagged separately ;) )

Snack 2:
Whatever fruit/veg available. I didn't prepack this because we always have fresh melon, grapes, oranges, tomatoes and avocados in the house.

-1 chicken breast
-1.25c mixed veg (carrot, green bean, peas)
-mixed bean medley, rinsed (1/5 can, about 100 cal)
-1/4c cooked rice **
(**replace with corn on the cob one day and with grilled carrot one day)

-1 or 2 glasses green tea (from home or large green tea no sugar, no cream)
-animal crackers

I also made a fitness plan and I have stuck to most of it, but I've skipped a couple elliptical workouts as well as two running sessions. I do not feel guilty or bad at all though. I won't make excuses either, but I do feel that even with these missed workouts I am doing alright. I'm still working out and doing more strength training than I was even two weeks ago, so I'm feeling good about things. Better, for sure!

We have been looking for a house in the town that M is working in (he commutes daily, 1.25 hours plus each way) and we haven't had a lot of luck so we kind of gave up. Well, I shouldn't say 'gave up' because we're still sort of looking, but not actively. We talked and decided that if Jon (his friend and the person he drives with everyday) could work there for 7+ years, driving back and forth everyday, so could he. And then today Jon told us that he was leaving the job to take one locally. He invited M to quit the job he is doing now to come with him.

Um. Quit his job as an apprentice at an international company where the opportunities are endless (branches from here to New Mexico, financial help to move to any of the cities with a branch, benefits, paid sick days, paid vacations, FREE schooling to get the trade while being paid wages even when not at work, tons of company events and programs) to start working for a brand new little auto restoration company as a sandblaster.

Hmm. (lol, can you feel the sarcasm in my hmm?? ;) )

He is the low man on the seniority list, but that's about to change right quick, I would think. With Jon leaving at the end of June and another guy, Devon leaving to go to Grande Prairie Alberta to work in two weeks, they will be hiring a few more people. M will be third from the bottom instead of last on the list, seniority wise. (Of course, when/if they hire journeymen they will be above him on the experience list, which isn't really a big deal at all)

This all means though that we have got to start getting M a LOT more tools, a giant tool box, and most imperatively, this means that we need to move there asap. I am sooo tired of looking at shacky little houses for rent for $1800+ a month. Seriously. Northern British Columbia has a MAJOR housing situation. ARGHHH. (pardon my frustration ventilation loves) We did find a little house, pets allowed, on a corner lot, fenced yard, fire pit and it even has three bedrooms and a shed. No utilities included, $2750 with 1/2 months rent for damage deposit and 1/2 months rent for pet deposit.

No, thank you.

Anywayyys. It's almost MAY LONG WEEKEND. We were planning on a mini-road trip and camping, but honestly, we can't afford it right now, and even if we could, M works on Friday until 5:30 and he was asked to come help tear down for the Carrie Underwood concert on Monday at 9:30pm. I wonder if she is as nice as some of the people who've played the Encana Events Center. (He's met Gene Simmons, Alan Jackson, Reba, Jacob Hoggard and tonnns of other people, and it's usually fun work) M said Reba is so nice and super down to earth. She went around and thanked all of the local stagehands personally and gave them all t-shirts and stickers and tons of neat stuff. He said she is really really tiny without her big hair and concert garb. (Then again, M is 6 foot 7 inches tall, so we're all just ants from up there haha) He almost said no to taking the job, but they really want him (again, he's a giant, makes for easy work) and it's amazing pay. (Like, $70 an hour kinda awesome...)

I guess I better get off this computer and do something with my house. I keep saying "oh, I'll get to that later" or "tomorrow" but we all know how that goes in the life of a chronic procrastinator. Bleh. First step, dishes and the kitchen in general. Second step, acquire boxes so that I can start sorting, trashing and packing all of the JUNK in my house and shed. I am thinking it would be better if we were actually prepared to move when the time comes. We have lived together in this house for 5 years so we've gotten pretty comfortable and I've moved enough times in my life to know that it's going to be a total gong-show unless I'm organized this time.

Hopefully we only have to move three more times in life... once to where ever we end up to get into that town, into a family home that we own, and then into a house to retire on Babine Lake.
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    Wow - you are organised , have a plan and on a path - you know where you are going and th emoticon at is half the battle
    2924 days ago
  • no profile photo CD11417155
    Sounds like you have found a way that works for you which is great. Congrats emoticon
    2924 days ago
    emoticon It's great that you have everything planned out for your meals and exercise. That packing/trashing/cleaning counts as activity if you are continuously moving it will even help you towards your goals. I hope you guys find a place closer to M's job soon but with those prices I wanted to cry for you. :)

    2924 days ago
    You sure are organized for a chronic procrastinator! I don't buy it. Sounds like you have your sparking in hand. I hope you can resolve the housing issues soon. BTW That Carrie Underwood really gets around. She's playing here in Winnipeg tonight.
    2925 days ago
    What a fabulous plan, and your meals sound so yummy! Make sure to send me your carrot and cauliflower soup recipe, love. :)
    2925 days ago
    emoticon I do freeze some meals but I am nowhere near as organised. You've given me food for thought. Thank you. emoticon
    2925 days ago
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