Club meeting tonight.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tonight was the monthly meeting for the gun club. Short meeting at the Legion since the clubhouse is torn up due to the bathroom addition. Construction is moving along, the pipes are in and hoping to pour the flooring on Thursday. Saturday the plan is to get the framing going. All dependent on weather and volunteer help. Neither Jim or I have any experience building, so we are worthless for assisting in this phase.

Good news was no one was there whining about not being able to find any Range Attendant shifts for the rest of the year. I have spent the past week emailing members about shifts they have or haven't worked. Got some shifts freed up that members snapped up right away. Can't do much more at this point. Will write my newsletter report soon and get focused on the renewals.

Didn't walk today, wet and chilly most of the day. Brought home supper form work, so had a nice pork burrito for supper. I got Jim fried Chicken thighs. One of the advantages of working in a grocery store. emoticon
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