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New Years Blog (Part 2)

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Here is the blog where I set my New Years Resolutions...I see your eyes rolling from here.

I know how cliché making New Year's Resolutions is, but I think of it this way: I'm making well thought out goals, I'm brainstorming action plans in order to reach the goals, and I am frequently reassessing the goals and action plans as needed. So, I really see nothing wrong with making new Goals at the beginning of the year. Aren't we all here for some sort of self improvement? I am. And I'd love to say 2014 was the year I really turned some things around and changed my life.

I think the key is good goal setting, not just making a resolution "wish list" with no practical actions to reach the goals.

The following are areas I have set some long and short term goals to reach:

Exercise: Given my new work schedule, I think I can manage to make it to the gym to workout 4 days a week. I will try the following schedule for the next month to see how it goes and make changes if needed after that:

Mon: 5:15am (cardio/stretch) Wed: 6:00pm BodyPump Class Fri: 9:00am Cardio/Stretch Sat: 10:00am Body Pump or Barre class

Typically on nice weather days, I find other ways to stay active with my kids as well such as playing outside or going for a walk. But I'm not much of a play in the snow type of gal so I don't do that as often, but we do dance in the living room pretty regularly. I will be cognitive of other little ways to add activity to my day when I can.

Nutrition/Food: I will begin the year by doing a 10 day juice fast to help me "reboot" break the sugar binge I've been on and kick start a little bit of weight loss.
After the fast I will focus on a diet heavy in vegetables and fruits, some lean meat, fish and eggs. Natural foods, in season, organic when possible and close to the source.
I will be researching new recipes that I prepare on weekends and freeze or give us a few days of leftovers to make dinner time simpler on days I work. I will need to make a meal plan every weekend for dinners to stay on track and organized.
I will also track my food daily. No. Matter. What. This has been something I've really let slip lately, and I think it would really help if I get back to it. So every night when I get on my computer, the first thing I will do is track my food. (I will put an alarm on my phone to remind myself)
Drink 1/2-1 gallon of water each day. Definitely aiming for the 1 gallon goal on days that I exercise

Marriage: I'm going to put an official "date night" on the calendar at least 1 time a month (preferably 2x) Also, I'm going to talk to Riccardo about planning a night away soon...we like to go to Chicago. It's not too far from home but is such a fun get a way. We also live close to some really cute towns on lake Michigan. I'm going to make sure we get a few of these on the calendar this year (without breaking the bank)

I always pray for our marriage. I have a few books about marriage I have been meaning to finish reading. I will start the new year by reading one of them that I just pulled out of a moving box yesterday! (we moved almost a year ago!)

Parenting: Besides constant prayer, I will be very thoughtful and intentional about how we spend time with our kids. I want to make sure we are active, playing, riding bikes, being imaginative, doing creative activities, reading, learning about Jesus and praying...NOT watching a ton of TV. My daughter has always done very well keeping her self busy with activities while I do some housework or shower, my (2year old) son is challenging me lately with his clinginess to me and lack of desire to involve himself in play without me...sometimes he surprises me though. He's still very young. I just don't want to fall into the habit of letting him watch tv all the time so I can get something done. It happens sometimes...My goal is to allow 1 hour of tv a day in 30 minute increments (unless we watch a movie, which is not everyday)
Also, as a short term challenge to myself, on January 1st I will be removing facebook from my phone. I like to think I'm not the mom you see with her face buried in her phone all day long, but I would be lying if I didn't admit that I check that stupid thing more than I really need to. I will take way the major temptation by removing facebook from it. I usually only get on the computer at nap time and after bed time, so the lap top is not a major issue for me as far as giving my children appropriate face time and my undivided attention. I will begin by keeping fb off my phone for 1 month...if I really think I need it back on, I'll put it back on after that. I can already predict that, while there will be days I miss it, I can't really say I NEED it. (I've taken it off my phone before)

Spiritual: I will continue my daily devotional by reading it in the mornings before the kids get up or when ever I can work it into my day. This has worked for me in the past few years so I'll keep it basically the same.
I will be looking for a new Bible Study or small group to join this year to help challenge me and help me grow more.

Short Term Goal: NO TV. This will be hard. I have a few shows I like to watch every week. I'm going to give it up from Sunday night-Thursday night. While I am usually doing something else (computer) while I watch tv, I know that it is a real time waster for me and causes me to stay up too late at night, which turns into a chain reaction of bad choices sometimes...sleeping in, skipping a workout, drinking sugary coffee drinks for energy, etc.
I can use the time I would usually be watching tv to read books, the Bible, or spend quiet time in prayer or just take a relaxing bath.

TV time for me usually doesn't begin until 9pm and it is a way to just unwind and relax at the end of busy days...I will need to brainstorm other ways to relax before bed.
Relaxing Ideas: reading books, Bible, computer time, relaxing bath, yoga/stretching, give myself a facial or manicure...hmmm I think I will survive just fine without the TV ;)

Financial: I will get on the computer each night after I track my food, I will track my expense and make sure I am on target with my planned budget. This will be a good exercise to keep me aware of our $ situation at any given time of the month and keep me from going over on our budget...much like how tracking our food keeps us from going over on our calories. :)

Career: I need to find a local anesthetic class soon. This is a new certification for dental hygienists in IN that was not legal when I graduated. The office I work in now needs me to be certified in anesthetic. So I need to look for a class, find the $ to pay for it and sign up ASAP.

Misc.: I am SO incredibly behind on printing photos and albums of our family. This year I need to catch up on all of that before I forget what the pictures were of! I can make this something I work on at night when the kids are asleep, but I also find I get a lot done if I can escape to Starbucks with my laptop for a while and work uninterrupted. I intend to start putting Picture nights on my calendar by the end of January.

Health: They say it takes 3 weeks to make a habit. I am going to set an alarm on my phone for each healthy habit I would like to work on. Flossing, nightly facial care, vitamins, and bedtime. I hope that after 3-4 weeks I don't necessarily need the alarms anymore and I have made them healthy habits.

I will add some of these items as spark streaks too.
Well, that's my plan to a better me in 2014!
Happy New Year Spark Friends!!!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Hello dear. I am not rolling my eyes like you expected of your readers! We'll done, you have thought this through extensively. Very thorough. It does seem to be a lot, so have grace with yourself and remember, progress not perfection!
    2684 days ago
    Awesome blog and goals! Happy New Year!!
    2687 days ago
    Sounds good! Maybe you can set 10 min or so a night towards each goal individually so you don't end up giving up one to achieve another (your workouts to get your photo books done!! Don't do it! LOL).

    Question....why does TV watching only start at 9pm? Do you work really late? Kids go to bed late? Just wondering what keeps your nights so late in general....

    Also, tip, any workouts are better than no workouts of course but just want to add that heavy weights do so much more for your body. When I say heavy, I mean challenging in that if you are doing a set of 10, the last two should be VERY difficult. Very few women work out in this range weight wise and suffer because of it. Muscle is good, the more you have the less it matters what you eat overall in terms of weight maintenance and body aesthetics. You want to read....look at New Rules of Lifting for Women or Thinner Leaner Stronger on Amazon or anything by Rachael Cosgrove.

    And most important of something you enjoy too! :)
    2688 days ago
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