The Witch Doctor, when modern medicine fails you?

Thursday, February 06, 2014

I'm married to a doctor, trauma anesthesiologist, so to say he's good at pharmacology is akin to saying Michael Phelps is a "good" swimmer. My mother was a nurse for 47 years so I have been indoctrinated into conventional medicine.

I blew my knee at 27 and healed it with exercise versus surgery, partial tears of tendons, ligaments, all of it. It took a year but it worked. However, due to years of repeated injury from waterskiing, vaulting, etc I damaged my left knee so that it's the approximate age of 87 and I have very little cartiledge and painful arthritis. Cortisone shots every six months for the last couple years helped get me back running, losing the weight helped but it wasn't perfect.

Two years ago as I was gearing up for a great race season I became fatigued, started gaining weight and my hair started falling out in clumps. The latter, vanity, finally got me to the doctor. He ran the full panel and said I was healthy. Me and my friend Google typed all my symptoms in and gluten intolerance popped up on the radar, I'm already hypothyroid. Fits and starts to get the gluten out of my diet, maybe 3 months but I felt a lot better.

Then Stretch and I had a race in December of 2012, he finished by vomiting at the finish line and breaking out in hives, his eyes swelled shut, his lips/nose became twice their regular size. He had a rash, all within ten minutes of the finish. After a day in the ED it was deemed a "fluke," a "one-off." During my 1st and only spin class at the YMCA a month later my phone didn't ring in the basement, so when I emerged 45 minutes to 30 messages that Stretch had been taken by ambulance to Children's Hospital and I, the worst mother EVER had to hear it from my husband. Stretch had run the "mile" in PE.

Chief of Allergy and Immunology at Kaiser ran a whole panel, not allergic to anything except exercise? Wait, my baby giraffe-the longest legs on a kid under five feet, WHAT? The proper term is exercised induced anaphalaxis or if your breathing ISN'T compromised, a systemic allergic reaction. It's rare, not a lot of studies and sometimes you grow out of it.

The diagnosis was stop running, maybe try dance? Other than table tennis, what sport doesn't involve running? Stretch already has asthma/skin itchiness so more than 45 minutes in a pool and he's toast.

Trial and error, non-supportive nurse and doctor because they were scared. Finally, last September after getting 50% control of it, via a pre-run Benadryl meant he could run in X-country but forget doing homework later, he was passed out cold, I heard about the witch doctor.

He's actually a chiropractor who does bio-feedback. It's real life sci-fi, via a computer program they send new messages back into your body as well as see what your body is struggling with and send low dosages of electricity via these "out there looking" machines to your organs that are not functioning properly. Stretch showed many allergies and a low functioning liver/kidney. Once a week biofeedback for Stretch, added milk thistle caplets to his diet, cranberry capsules, a pro-biotic and lost the gluten and soy. We watched his reactions get less and less severe. This was a reversal since they had been coming on faster and faster and taking more time to go away and more drugs. I started a light therapy combined with lymphatic drainage for my knee.

Fast forward to December, I have fingernails and really thick hair for the first time in my life. Nothing about my diet has changed since September, just the collagen producing light therapy. My knee which used to scream in pain when the barometer dropped, not a twitch.

Stretch did a Spartan Race in 32 degree weather in December, not a bump. Between finals and holidays he missed two sessions and while he a had a good run and medaled for the Jingle Bell Dash he had a reaction post run, less severe, cleared up in 3 hours versus 24.

The household was hit with a severe cold for the last 3 days. After two days of both Stretch and Shorty getting NO relief from the OTC cold products I hauled both to the witch doctor. Shorty was told his body wasn't recognizing the virus and couldn't fight what it didn't know and that his spleen had all but fallen into a coma, due to too much sugar. Shorty has a big sweet tooth so he was stunned that the machine "knew" about his after school candy habit without any input from mom. Shorty got a quick "adjustment", less than two minutes? He could cough without pain and was stunned, he has a horrible cough. Some electricity to both via a bug zapper looking thing and Stretch holding some low dosage electrics. An hour later we left. By last night both dudes were feeling 50% better with no drugs. They are heading back to class today.

I was finally getting sick yesterday, runny nose, fatigue. I went back for my weekly light therapy and while I noticed the lights were different colors I didn't think about it. An hour
later I stood up with no symptoms. My whole body cracked, fingers to toes. The WD laughed and said he had run a detox program on me instead, since I was surrounded by cooties.

This WD came highly recommended from two families who have used him from ongoing treatment of ADHD, skin conditions, body pain and the common cold. The Mayo clinic used bio-feedback in a study on kids with ADHD and saw improvement, wasn't sure how it worked-but it worked. The WD's Yelp reviews mention treatment of arthritis and allergies and he has rave reviews. I'm sure there are a lot of quacks and bio-feedback/chiropractors are not for everyone. The moral of this story is to not give up when modern medicine fails you. Don't accept limits until you have exhausted all other avenues whether that be radical changes to what you eat, drink or do and how you treat this body. Don't assume that the doctor knows what is best for your baby giraffe? At 5'7.75"(I've still got him by .25 of an inch) he's still long legs, long arms but we seem to have a handle on this. Two Spartan races down and more to come, track season looming and bootcamp 3 times a week and very few problems..Long live the Witch Doctor!
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    Sounds like everything is going on a smooth course....Thank you for sharing ..feel better soon.
    2685 days ago
    there is things to alternative meds .... wouldn't rule them out totally myself.
    2685 days ago
    Good for you for being persistent about getting some answers and being open to receive the help!
    I hope you all are feeling 100% in no time!
    2685 days ago
  • no profile photo CD13453706
    emoticon Glad to hear worked for you.
    2685 days ago
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