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Day 325 on the Journey!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Hello Sparkies,

Today was a good day. Of course I started my morning (after my devotion) with exercise. Today's video was Focus T25 Rip't and I NAILED IT!! emoticon I totally nailed it and it didn't even feel hard. I felt soooooooooooo good when I was done and then I just jumped into another one of my skipped Stretch videos. After this it was time for my push-ups. Now I usually just say that I do 25 push-ups and I hope no one was thinking that I was doing them without resting. Since starting actually, the most that I could do at a time before experiencing muscle fatigue was 6, not this morning however!! This morning I did TEN continuous push-ups. emoticon Now I know this isn't a lot to some people but I felt like the push-up queen. LOL!!

Not only did I do ten continuous push-ups but it usually takes me on average 3 minutes to eke out all 25 push-ups, this morning though I took 2 minutes. I shaved a WHOLE minute off the time! Can someone say emoticon me!! LOL!! Anyway I also did some of my challenge workouts after the push-ups namely 50 crunches, 50 leg raises on each side and a 54 second plank. All in all an emoticon overall workout.

On the food front I also did well but it almost wasn't that way. I had my breakfast and lunch just fine but this evening hubs and I went clothes shopping for me. I had planned to come home and cook before we went to church but he said that he had to go straight there because he had to set-up for the presenter. Thus there I was hungry and having to decide am I just going to eat something or am I going to find the healthiest thing that I can possibly find. Now let me tell you it is sooooooooooooo much easier to get something unhealthy to buy here in Jamaica because healthy options are very few and very far between. Anyway I did find something and though I couldn't track as accurately because I was eyeballing my portions (hopefully I've become better at this with all the measuring that I've done) according to my nutrition tracker I met all my nutrition goals for the day except for cholesterol which I went a little over with but that's usually the case whenever I eat eggs as a part of any of my meals and I had an egg for breakfast.

Another thing happened with my eating today though and I have deemed it a NSV!! Now with the change in my plans and some other things my mood changed this evening and I really felt the urge to just not care and eat anything but then I said something that I had read on a Spark member's blog a while back, yeah you feel this way and how will getting fat help and I just kept repeating that to myself and bye, bye emotional eating monster. emoticon I was able to conquer my mind in that moment and

I just need to do it one day at a time. That's all for now. As always thanks for your time. emoticon emoticon
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