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Breaking through inertia. What do I need to do today; what do I want to do today

Saturday, June 28, 2014

I'm sitting here dithering and have already wasted an hour on FB. I'm in a putting off mode and very glad donuts are not in the house. I'd be adding wasted calories to wasted time.

Some of the things I want to do today involve making phone calls to strangers. Ugh.

I need to write a report so that I'm not in hot water when I return to work on Monday. Ugh.

I need to figure out a way to get my HOA's attention to the damage done to the floor caused by heavy flooding in the area underneath me. Ugh. The management company won't give me information and they won't allow my contractor to inspect it. I haven't lived here long enough to know the names of the Board members. I need to figure out how to get into that room without breaking and entering. My floor is sinking.

I want a back massage. So that's going to be my reward for getting off my butt.

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  • EILEEN828
    I've been in those shoes before: certain things are very important, they all take time effort and energy to fix, and none of it is very pleasant. My gut says to tackle the hardest most impactful, and the place to put your initial energies. That would be your report. It has to be done. Do it when you are freshest. When you are finished you are going to feel a LOT better. It will turn into a win and relieve pressure. If you find you need to play phone tag to chase down HOA, you could start them to get the process going but that is not your priority to follow through today unless you coincidentally get lucky right away and actually get immediate action. Just start to place calls there and then let it ride, chances are that's all the farther you'd get any way for the weekend. That will make you feel good that it is not be ignored but you won't get invested into chasing it down which would eat into your time to get your report done. Make yourself comfortable, make a pot of tea or whatever, and dive in. Once you start it will get better and easier as you focus on it guilt free. Pretend this easy, and present yourself as positive, and that your explanations will be received well because they will. Some times your work superiors simply need to be informed of circumstance and why choices were made. I don't know your situation but it helps to explain it as if you were telling your best friend the story believing that you already have their support. Be accurate, and try not to point fingers unless that IS what has to be done. Write with your integrity intact. Be complimentary without over doing otherwise it will look as an obvious ploy to deflect attention and it won't get far. Present yourself as best you can and trust yourself to do it well. Use the facts, write your thoughts, and review what you wrote from their perspective. Did you answer all the questions? Would rewording present it in a better light? Finesse what you can and then trust that it will be enough. This is your opportunity to clarify with out having to make quick decisions, or blurting things out that are not helpful. You can do this and once you have your attention fully on it it will start to flow and you'll be done and satisfied with how you handled it. Then if you have time left you can focus on your home needs, and not feel stressed by lack of time. The home situation is not on as tight a deadline as your work, and for now is not more important than your work. The sooner the report is done the better. You got this, listen to some uplifting background music while you work, reward yourself with evening meal however best you like to do that, restaurant, take out, or something simple and luxurious from the market. emoticon emoticon
    2544 days ago
    Inertia is my middle name! What the heck, knock on doors til you find the management company 'guy' info and the board member contacts. I take it you bought a condo? That water damage is serious and does need immediate attention so do not be dissuade! The condo is responsible for repairing problems of certain kinds inside units and it will cost everyone more to stall off addressing this. I FEEL YA. Deep breaths, take a walk, drink water, more deep breaths.
    2545 days ago
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