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Thoughtless Judgment

Saturday, September 20, 2014

What you choose is what you get!

Choice: Either. Or. A selection of one thing among other options.

Oh I like this one! A “PRIVILEGE”, which requires an exercise of good judgment.

Think with judgment! emoticon

Judgment: The ability to make considered decisions or come to a sensible conclusion.

Wikipedia defines judgment as the evaluation of evidence to make a decision.

We make choices based on our needs, either in general or momentarily present. I’m hungry, so I grab a cookie, then another and another, and probably another. emoticon
If I used “judgementality”, (made up word), when making the choice, I would have thought about the repercussions of eating cookies as compared to eating a handful of cherries or a carrot. emoticon emoticon

My definition: When faced with options, we have the ability to evaluate the evidence and come to a sensible conclusion in order to make the best selection

Or not. emoticon

Thoughtless judgment then is the privilege to make choices without thinking.

Most likely I was in a hurry and spontaneously grabbed those cookies without thinking.

What we choose is what we get, whether or not the end result is what we hoped for.

emoticon of the 5% Challenge! This time I have used "judgmentality" to plan my plan.

Good luck to all!

haha I found this minutes after I posted the blog.
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