D'oh! Unintentional Maintenance

Sunday, October 05, 2014

I did not mean to but it just happened. At least now I know what to do to maintain. I always thought it is painful to watch every bite but I came to realize that is not true. The way I have organised my life and eating habits is such that I am maintaining.

I would like to lose some more for the moment I am just glad that I am not gaining. Once I say "goodbye" to my medication, I will work on that part. In the mean time I am content.

Such a grand statement... to say I am "content". I really am. I did not work towards it, it just happened.

Maybe I have learned that happiness is nothing more or less than:
1. Really connecting with people
2. To give, even if it is just a Spark "pat on the back".
3. To take notice of the simple things I enjoy and to acknowledge it.
4. To always keep on learning. Of this I can't get enough.
5. To be active is to have an instant mood improver and appetite suppressant.

Circumstances are just fleeting moments to test endurance.

I am so blessed. I hope you are too.
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