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Sunday, October 12, 2014

I have come to realize that I am content-challenged when it comes to blogging. I don't have some gripping on-going drama in my life that needs constant updating. I can't blab about my offspring since I don't have any. I can't provide anecdotes about a "hubby" since I am not troubled by one of those objects. I suppose I could write about my cat again and again and again---------but there are limits (even for me) and I am not Doris Lessing. I could write about what I do all day, which basically involves me sitting at this desk either reading books / articles, taking notes, procrastinating on the internet, translating texts, or formulating paragraphs-------but I know all too well from experience that most people have no frame of reference for what I do and I can certainly sympathize with a short attention span. I could provide regular updates on my SP progress, but I am fully aware that many of you struggle every day. I never struggle, either with nutrition, or with fitness. Not ever. Not even for a minute. And I don't want to blog about that------I don't like smug blogs (you may all take comfort in the fact that apart from SP, my life is an otherwise chaotic disaster zone). I've already discussed what brought me to join Sparkpeople. I've already talked about running. I have outlined the things I love about SP and why I stay. So what do I discuss without being an either pedantic or repetitive jerk? I can't stand superficial "motivational" content of any kind---------it just doesn't work on me or for me and frankly I don't buy any of it. I don't like self-marketing, or being preached at, so that's out too. I suppose I could post some photos of my experiences outdoors in this revolting city---------my version of a "nature walk" blog. Maybe I'll do that next.

I want to blog because I get so much pleasure from other SP member blogs. There are so many things I love about the way some of you write. Some of you are so genuine-------your sincerity leaps right off the page. I love this. Some of you make me laugh with your silly antics or points of view and I love laughing probably more than anything. I love reading about your triumphs-------large or small. I enjoy watching some of you catch-on to living a healthier life. I love all the different kinds of courage I encounter here, but most of all, I love having direct access to a variety of people who are all working towards changing their lives. I guess I just haven't figured out yet exactly how or where I fit in. But I'm working on it.


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    I'm a reader, not a writer. I am in awe of people like you that are so insightful and have the gift of expressing yourself in a way that makes your readers want more.
    2431 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5465300
    A life without risk would be no life at all, in my opinion. I've gone all in and lost everything more than once, but better than always having "what if" in the back of my head.

    Sometimes I envy people enjoying life on the merry-go-round, but I've always preferred the roller coasters, myself.

    Have you seen the movie, Defending Your Life? Seriously, It pretty much summarizes my belief system. :)
    2431 days ago
    I enjoyed reading your blog post. I mostly blog about healthy activities or food that make me happy. I like reading blogs that give me a window to where and how other people live.

    I have read sad blogs of death and loss. I never have any way to comment on such blogs.

    I find it fascinating that you blogged about not having anything to blog about.

    Thanks, Bruce
    2431 days ago
    I blog whatever comes to my mind, and the progress I have made since joining SP, I want to share everything.

    2432 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5465300
    Just thank the cosmos that you don't have on-going drama in your life! I have limited patience for people who are in constant stress-out mode. They are exhausting even in this environment.

    And if you posted every day about Hail Mary, I read each and every one! Cats are endless founts of wisdom and amusement!
    2439 days ago
    I tell you what.... I'll live drama free and you can have my neighbors, then you'll always have something to write about.. again and again and again because they are forever doing something stupid and I can use a break. People won't necessarily believe you though, most will think your overly dramatic and wildly exaggerating, but I know them and they are Cra-Cra so during our experiment you will always have me on your side. :)

    On a less silly note. How are your morning runs to the gym going? Is it getting to cold to get out there these days? Here it will hit 90 again today, I know people say they love warm weather and how lucky we are to live here.. But sometimes this place feels like Hell it's so hot, but it can't be we have no fire and brimstone, just florescent lightening.

    2439 days ago
    Thanks for sharing. My blogs serve two purposes (1) daily account and (2) documentation when I need it.
    2439 days ago
    Well ............ (don't you just love peeps who start out with well? ........ I recall the first blog of yours I read where you used the term ......... "too pedestrian' and I really laughed! And that Hail Mary! emoticon ....... I think it is fine to 'just be yourself' .... (I mean who else could be?) ...... The other day I wrote a blog (usually one a week) ......... and I actually said ........ "This is going to be a hard act for ME to follow, yet, one hour later I had pen and paper in hand and there it was! ........ I remember years ago a teacher admonishing to 'journal' and it was as painstaking as having teeth pulled!! ....... emoticon seriously! ........... Sometimes I see comments on the message boards, and there is always food for fodder IF you like to write .......... I personally feel if a person does not like it ............ then that is fine too. Live and live and to each his or her own ........... Anyhoo ............ I came upstairs to LOG OFF the computer ........... and here I am ............ so goodnight! emoticon
    2439 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5940981
    Here's my take. I like to write, I've wriiten a lot...in the past. I blog for me, but I rarely blog on SP even though I could get points for it. I'm not in SparkPeople for the points. I've run hot and cold with some of the stuff I see and experience on SP. I am genuinely interested in other people and when I feel like reading what people blog about it's usually enlightening to me. Even when it's corny or superficial, I still feel like I've checked in on someone and they're making some progress and something I say could be what they need to carry on.

    I've been where you are on a lot of the points you raised. Do continue to hang in there and contribute your gifts.

    P.S. I do struggle with snacks. Sometimes my meals are comprised of one snack after another. emoticon
    2439 days ago
    I loved this blog. I blog for myself. I don't entirely know why I put it on "public display" here at Spark People. I am fairly certain that I need to express things and I refuse to think about other people judging my blog. I am an atheist; I find motivation only in hidden corners of long-forgotten poems and diaries. I will be bitter and acerbic if need be. This is for me; this is my feeble attempt to improve my body, my health, my attitude, and what I say in September may no longer be true in October.

    I liked your blog! I hope you will write more. If you are in a graduate program you probably need a non-academic outlet.
    2440 days ago
    I swear some people have a gift when blogging about mundane topics like a normal day in their life that just make it really fun and interesting to read. Other people do that same thing and it's hard to make it to the end. I don't feel like I have that "gift" to make normal everyday stuff interesting so I don't blog too much cuz I don't want to bore people. LOL.

    For what it's worth I have always found your blogs very interesting.

    Have a great week!
    2440 days ago
    Yes, I tend to just muse over the contents of my day.
    2440 days ago
    I have been very bad about blogging, but I can tel you, from those times that I have done so, I do it for me and HOPE that maybe someone else is interested. But even if someone else isn't, I am still glad I've done it.

    Point being, just do it! SOMEONE is going to read your blog (I just did -- and another blog about your precious cat is awesome!)

    So, blog away.
    2440 days ago
    I enjoy reading all blogs too, and getting to know everyone. I am not good with words. I lose a lot from brain to paper. emoticon
    2440 days ago
    Loved this blog, too. I enjoy your writing style!
    2440 days ago
    When I first joined SP I wanted to blog about everything and anything, merely to feel like I was contributing to the community I had chosen to join - and because it's a form of social commentary on all the blogs I read. We don't live in isolation so why is a weight loss journey so lonely for so many that we end up pouring our hearts out to strangers on the internet?

    There are people who are amazing with words, and others who pour their souls out in a chaotic jumble. It's largely irrelevant what style writing takes, provided it comes from somewhere genuine. I think it stems from the fact that while I don't always "like" people, they do fascinate me - what motivates them, why they take the actions they do.

    Like you, I don't find exercise or nutrition or self-discipline particularly difficult. I don't struggle with temptation and I don't like superficiality or bloggers who choose subjects that ensure they will become "popular". Cultivating friends and following their lives is what keeps us here.

    I haven't mastered the art of removing people who either succeeded and moved on, or who failed and are too ashamed/embarrassed to come back and try again - so ... I just keep reading random blogs until I see someone who is different enough to intrigue me, but alike enough that I can relate to them.

    Good blog, I like it. :)
    2440 days ago
  • DTHOR6
    I love reading other people's blogs as well. It is a little insight into their lives and I feel as though I learn something from almost everyone. Which is huge on this journey. And I love your encouragement it means a lot to a ton of people I am sure.
    2440 days ago
    "I could write about what I do all day, which basically involves me sitting at this desk either reading book / articles, taking notes, procrastinating on the internet, translating texts, or formulating paragraphs-------"

    this interests me immensely ...do some of this...but please NO cat stories...GAWD...no cat stories. I liked this blog and I too sit down to start a new blog and go...uh oh I have nothing profound to say today and I don't wish to offend my readers with blather so ...dododo...yadayadayada...what do I say here. Or I had something to say like two days ago but its gone now.
    So you do what you can do. Just keep in touch.
    Your words inspire.

    2440 days ago
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