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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

I know blogging is good for me. Putting myself 'out there' is a terrifying act, but the amazing feed-back and support I get from my SP buddies makes it all worth while. I swore to myself that I would blog once a week. But here it is 5 weeks later and I have done zero blogging. In fact, I have been a member of SP for 7 months and have managed to produce only 11 blogs. Based on my calculations, I am 17 blogs short of goal. Part of this is (of course) laziness. But I also feel like I have nothing whatsoever to say. There are bloggers at SP who are very gifted at picking away at the same subject----usually weight-loss related----day after day, week after week, blog after blog. I learn so much from reading these blogs! I am never bored by the repetition. I understand that there is a process. I always manage to learn something, usually about myself, either because the blog a) resonates with my experience, or b) helps me to identify ways in which I differ in approach from that of said blogger. Left to my own devices (ie: in a blog-free world), this would otherwise never happen.

I am not naturally introspective. I don't put much thought into why I am here at SP doing what I do. I just do it. I tend to limit my efforts to the areas of a) scheduling / doing fitness, and b) monitoring calories. Beyond that point, I do not venture. So while these other bloggers manage to contextualize their daily struggles with weight-loss, fitness, or maintenance in the wider context of their lives and their changing perceptions of self (yeah, you all know who you are), I neglect to do this work myself and instead I do a lot of absorbing and borrowing. I'm a great audience! ... which is not necessarily a bad thing.

I am particularly amazed at blogs that describe in detail that day's exercise regimen. Some of these blogs are long! And they are interesting. If I tried the same thing, it would look like this:

"Today I woke up at 4:30 AM, had a coffee, drank several cups of water, put on my running gear. I went outside at 5:15 AM. It was very cold. I did a 15 minute warm-up and started to run. The entire time I was running (today 50 minutes) I came up with one excuse after another as to why I should / could stop right then and there. I made it a point to ignore myself even though I wanted to die pretty much the entire time. Did I mention it was cold? (I really need to invest in some tacky, over-priced spandex sporting attire since cotton absorbs moisture and all that sweat makes me even colder). Finally I got back home. I spent 5 minutes cooling down on the street, went inside, did stretches, fed the cat, had a shower, got dressed, had breakfast, and logged-on to my computer: I have no idea how fast or how slow I might be running, or exactly how far, since I do not own any fitness gadgets. I approximate 8 or 9 kilometers based on Google map. Then I logged-on to SP."

Yawn, right? But I am going to make an effort to be insightful. Despite all my incessant inner-complaining when it comes to the actual act of running, I have to say that right afterwards, as soon as I am done, every damned time, I get this absurd sense of pride. I feel exactly like a little kid who has just figured out how to tie her shoe-laces. No other so-called 'accomplishment' of mine comes even close to making me feel like I might be 'accomplished'. And I am a crap runner! So what the heck???? I find it all very confusing. Which is why I don't spend much time introspecting. I try to just trust the process. And I read your blogs. They help. A lot.

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    I love reading SP blogs too, though I do not post any myself. And I feel a bit like I am in a one-sided relationship with SPers, because I read their thoughts and experiences, and they don't read much of mine. A tad unfair. I actually love introspection and have been at time a compulsive journaler. But I am not willing to do that in a public setting for a number of reasons.

    But I find others' blogs SO helpful! and interesting. Including yours. It's funny eh? I'm not sure I could say what I get out of reading them - but something. A sense of (weird, virtual) community, maybe? A knowledge that others are doing this too? Dunno. But they are important to me. And I get very sad when someone who is a regular blogger just disappears on me.

    I would feel accomplished as all get-out if I ran 8-9 km. Well, if I ran at all, to be honest.

    I hope it's less rainy where you are this Christmas morning!
    2331 days ago
    2332 days ago
    Just remember . . . you blog for YOU and the rest is bonus points as it were.

    I find it is more important for me to DO right now than write (well, I guess it's been that way for awhile!) But I keep on DOING.

    HUGS and I hope you have a wonderful holiday.
    2332 days ago
    Actually I find it fascinating that you get up at 4.15am to go running. I think that shows amazing dedication and focus. I only get up at 4.15 when I go on holiday! And in the cold too. I can't bring myself to go out, and it is still reasonably warm here (about 12 degrees).

    I really enjoy reading other people's blogs I am interested in the way other people approach life. There does seem to be a difference between countries, (USA and UK), but essentially we are all struggle with something; motivation, diet, injury or depression. It is always a good thing to not feel so alone in the world, and that, for me, is what SP does, it makes me feel connected.

    Are you doing anything nice for Christmas? Will you still run over Christmas? My soon to be step daughter is coming for a visit, so I will start on some fitness dvd's (inside, I am a whimp - too cold for running outside!), which will be a good habit to carry on into the New Year.

    I hope you have a great time, whatever you are doing, and look forward to lots of blogs in the New Year. x
    2333 days ago
    I love reading your blogs even if you 'think' you have nothing to say :)

    And yeah, when I run I do the same thing... it's a constant battle of talking myself into or out of the run... it's actually harder on the treadmill b/c that choice is so much easier. I can just step off - outside I'm already some where and need to get back so whether I like it or not, I still have to move!

    When I get spare time I like to go onto the blog page and read random blogs - usually I only have time for those in my friend feed, but sometimes it's nice to hear from other people and get their perspective too... because even with a main focus being on weight loss or exercise, it's amazing how much information is out there.

    So please do continue to blog ~ even if you can't get your one a week, whenever you put one up, it will be appreciated :) Enjoy the holidays and your gym time!

    2333 days ago
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    This running in cold weather with damp clothes have any connection to being sick? Just askin'.

    As to the rest, I just use weight loss concerns as a means for blogging about psychology which is my real interest. I have always been fascinated by consciously wanting to do something but being unable to do it because of dishonesty with myself, laziness, fear, resentment in all its forms, gluttony and anxiety, all of which provide an endless parade of excuses that don't really hold up all that well to scrutiny.

    And here I am just a few pounds lighter than when I started (again) at the end of June. Any consistent modest effort would have yielded at least a 30 pound weight loss in the 6 months.

    But, I seem to be incapable of this consistency and so I wallow in self-pity and blogs.

    Ah, well, New Year means a fresh start, right?!
    2333 days ago
    emoticon and by the way i love reading your blogs
    2333 days ago
    You may not analyse the "why", but somewhere in there is the trigger that made you consider running despite loathing it. Another that made you actually do it, albeit reluctantly. Is this willpower? Is this hidden desire to actually move? There are always reasons behind our actions, even if they are not immediately obvious to us.

    I like blogs. I generally find them interesting, even when the author is less than gifted with grammar and punctuation. The whole point for me is whether they blog for themselves and unburdening thoughts, desires and reasonings or whether they are blogging for an audience. I am less keen on the RAH-RAH pom pom posts - although I know they often motivate others.

    For me, losing weight is nothing more than science. Metabolic processes seldom lie, and the majority of people who say they cannot lose weight are deluding themselves because they lack sufficient willpower to overcome the bad eating habits and lack of exercising in their lives. This is why I say that dieting is largely in the mind. When someone is ready, they will lose weight. Until then, playing at it is a pointless exercise because we can't focus on what needs to be done.

    Woman, you NEED to invest in moisture-wicking clothing if you're going to run in hideous weather. Seriously. Why would you choose to be miserable, wet and cold when you can just be miserable? LOL

    Have an absolutely awesome week, head bonks and purrs for Holy Mary and I'll see you on the flip side of Christmas day. :)
    2333 days ago
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