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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

So I am 3/4s of a Century old (plus a little bit), so what!!!. Not too old to reclaim my life, my health, my weight, and my sense of humour.

2 years ago today there was one sad, fat,depressed old lady, with multiple aches and pains, high BP, cholesterol, and pre diabetic. I used to be fit and healthy, but 3 years of taking care of my dear mother with severe dementia had caught up with me. I WAS OBESE!!!!! (How I hate that word) 106Kgs (233 lbs) at my heaviest..........Not Good!!

After a huge embarrassing fall in Oct. 2012 I had my "aha" moment, I had to do something or I would die. By 21st Jan 2013 I had lost 5Kg (11.2 lb) and my DIL told me about Spark People. I went on-line and loved what I saw. I could see by doing everything right I would be able to get to my goal weight . For 18 months I stayed within my Calorie range and started moving. At first I was only able to do 5 mins. on the Treadmill and very slow Line Dancing. Then I discovered seated exercises and resistance bands (one of my favourites. I became a "can do" person instead of a "can't do " loser. If something was a bit hard or hurtful I would compromise until eventually I could do it. I can now walk 5Kms easily. I love my Wii and do some Wii Fit and Balance exercises daily, including the 15 min jog. I don't need any pain killers and medication now and if the joints start to ache I know I am not moving enough or have eaten some fruit/veg that stir them up.

I achieved the goal weight that Spark People set for me last August and have easily maintained my weight since then.

Some of the things that have worked for me are looking on the tracker for the foods that have the most nutrition and least calories. Drinking lots of water (that has never been a problem with me). Weighing every day works for me, I love my scales, if I am up a bit, more vegetables that day. Preparing my own meals, then I know what goes into them. Surrounding myself with positive people and lots of laughter. Plus a partner who loves me and has cheered me on every step of the way.

Lets not forget the Spuds. Still my motivation when grocery shopping. I always go by them first. In total I have lost 7 x 4Kg bags =28Kgs (61lbs). One more than the photo! Poor body what I was putting it through daily.

So today on my 2nd Sparkversary I am giving myself a big pat on the back and saying "Well done Nola" ....I am so proud of me!!

The BIG BONUS that comes with Spark People are my very special Spark Friends, who have supported me. Thank you so much, I cherish you all and you know who you are.

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