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Monday, March 09, 2015

I have had a number of friends here lately that are struggling, and I know I will continue to have my own struggles. So this is for us! Happy Monday!

Love yourself enough!

We are worthy of love. We are lovable and we give love freely to others. It is time we recognize, accept and love ourselves unconditionally. Do we not believe the love we give others is genuine, sincere? Then be loving to our person, we deserve it!


It takes courage to take that first step, to have faith that you can find your way to good health and happiness. I share this journey with you and stand beside you the whole way just as I believe you stand by me.


We have to trust ourselves to do the right thing, to do what is best for us. We have to trust that when we fall, we can pick ourselves back up, that those that love us will help dust us off and walk beside us on this journey. We are never alone!


We have to be willing to open our minds, our hearts, our souls. We have to be willing to take action and to go forward always. Never turn back, never regret, just be willing to accept WE CAN DO THIS, that WE WILL DO THIS!

Never give up

Giving up is not an option, it is a choice. Are we choosing to stay the same? Are we choosing to not try? As long as we do our best, each and every day, we are not giving up we are living and learning about our person, our life, our needs, our desires. We take action and we make changes, we do what is necessary. If that means making a new plan....MAKE A NEW PLAN! Just keep on keeping on!

You are worth it

We are worth the effort! We are worth the time! We are worth the innitiative it takes to succeed!


If we want others to believe in us, we must first believe in ourselves. We've got this! We are capable of doing this! We can make it happen!

We can do it

If you think you can, you can! Think positive thoughts, face your fears, live your dreams, life is to live, not to exist. Which would you prefer? I thought so!

Everything in moderation

Forget the I can't haves, the I can't do's! Who says? This is not a know who you are when you read is a LIFESTYLE CHANGE! There is a difference! Diets set limitations, restrictions that many cannot achieve. A lifestyle change is something we choose to do for ourselves, something we are able to live with without feelings of deprivation. We make adjustments, we make small changes, we can have or do everything in moderation. If we choose to elimate so be it. If we choose to plan various things in to our program we can. We just have to accept responsibilites for those choices and enjoy them at the time.

Desire and Determination

This is so imporatant. My beautiful spark friend Overactiveelbow often wrote about desire and she is oh so right. We have to really,
really DESIRE achieving our goal. We have to breathe it, taste it, feel it, see it, we have to make it real!


Get inspired by measuring your success in multiple ways. Read things, talk about things or people you are inspired by. If you see someone who has something you want.....ask them how they got it! You will have the information and they will feel flattered that you asked them. It's a win, win! Try on clothes, start a new fashion, take on a new whatever helps inspire and motivate you today!

Celebrate your successes! Blow your own horn. Wear your pride, you earned it!


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