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My Little Guys ADD/ADHD Journey

Saturday, March 14, 2015

When my little guy was 2 I became his court appointed guardian. His first two years of life had been full of turbulence, irregular routines, buffeted hither and thither. It was a horrendous effort to offer him a life of peace, security, routine, love and consistency. All of which he fought against from day one! Lots of sleep lost, lots of tears, frustration, confusion, discouragement and most of all, the feeling of failure…not just me, but him, too.

We realized early on little guy would have issues in a social environment, especially on a large scale. So we put him in preschool to help him adjust on a smaller scale. Ack! That was an experience. Every day I picked him up there was a story of his behavior. By the end of the year he was a little better in some areas and in others not so much.

Next, kindergarten comes along. What does this little boy see first? THE PLAYGROUND!! He sees a child’s paradise. But what does he get? Tortured in a little room with only windows to see that paradise and a door that stays shut until this loud bell on wall rings. And then he gets to play in paradise until that stupid bell rings again and he’s back in the torture chamber.

Then the phone calls started…your little guy did this, did that, did the other. We can’t be having this behavior…he needs more discipline…he needs more restrictions….he needs….he needs...he needs…HE’S A SPOILED BRAT! I brought the idea to the school in one meeting if there was a possibility I should get him tested for ADD/ADHD or bi-polar or something. I was reassured it was behavioral issued stemming from his childhood experience and was referred to our county’s behavioral heath department. We did that for a while with no change in behavior. Some days were still good, some days were still bad.

Finally, little guy enters third grade. In our area, this means going to a new school. Immediately I began getting calls from the teacher, the principle, the school nurse and the superintendent. Your child is ADD/ADHD, he needs to be on meds to help him and protect the children around him. So I went from one school saying it was behavioral issues stemming from childhood experience to it’s an organic issue.

Well, he was finally diagnosed by a qualified individual. We took that diagnoses to a qualified pediatrician. We had been through quite a few MD’s. His new pediatrician read through his medical history while sitting with us in the examination room, asked questions that went deeper than what was on paper, explained in detail ADD/ADHD, symptoms, behaviors and the various meds on the market. I’d been wanting to try one particular med even before going into the Dr’s office. So after discussing everything carefully, completely and she was absolutely certain I understood the picture, she agreed that the med I wanted my little guy to try was a really good one. She gave me a month’s free sample. It starts out with 10mg the first week, bumps up to 20 mg the second week, then the third week goes up to 40 mg.

He’s now been on it two days. I give it to him at night per doc’s recommendation due to gassy issues that can happen. Miracles of miracles. He wakes up so loving, easy, kind, sweet. Today he saw his clothes on the floor and picked them up and put them in the laundry basket, picked up his shoes and placed them side by side out of the way. He didn’t get mad because grandpa was on the TV before him this morning. He didn’t get impatient when I didn’t respond right away to a question he had, but patiently called to me again and re-asked the question. But it wears off after about 11 hours and his behaviors revert to chaos so we know 10 mg isn’t enough. We’re targeting 24 hours. Next week we will see how long 20 mgs last throughout the day. If that is enough we won’t even go up to 40 mg.

So far the side affects are gas and thirst. It hasn’t affected his eating or made him a zombie.

It’s like insulin is to a diabetic or Synthroid is to someone with thyroid issues. His med is a hormone replacement.

Wow, what a difference we are having in our home. Now, we just need to get it going in the classroom.

Thanks for reading my blog and if you’re still awake, you’re the best friend a girl can have!!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • SKELLEY3440
    I'm so glad you did some research and found a good pediatrician as so many of them go straight for the prescription tablet and for the ADD/ADHD medications. I'm even MORE glad that he's responding to them. I'm so happy for you!! I know what a stressor this has been for you so to see your stress be eased makes me feel so good for you and your little man.

    My only request is to refer to him as "having" ADD/ADHD and not "is" ADD/ADHD. He's a wonderful little boy with a sickness that thank God you have been able to help him out with. He's definitely not that sickness and shouldn't let anyone, including his teachers, school and friends define him that way. I truly am so happy for you!!! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2292 days ago
  • AMY-MIMI77
    I love your attitude about it all & use the analogy about meds for diabetes or other endocrine disorders all the time. Glad that your little guy is getting help
    2292 days ago
  • VALYNN26
    That is great! I am sure that must be a relief for both you and your little guy. Best of luck for continued success.
    2292 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4300142
    I'm so glad you got the help your child needed. I hope it is the long term solution you are looking for. emoticon
    2292 days ago
    This is so wonderful - he must feel so much better too!
    2293 days ago
    It sound like he's going to do much better on meds. Have you ever looked into the Feingold diet? Worth checking out.
    2293 days ago
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