Two Thirds of the woman I was

Friday, March 20, 2015

I am exactly 1/3rd lighter now. I can't tell you how much better that feels - physically, mentally AND emotionally. Changing our eating and exercise habits is not an easy thing to do - if it was, nobody would be obese or inactive - but it IS worth it, and it does get easier once your body adjusts to better quality food and the old tastebuds adapt.

My mental image of myself hasn't really adjusted to the smaller size. As I said in the last blog, change can be imperceptible at times because the shape hasn't altered. I am frustrated with the weight loss slowdown as I get closer to a normal BMI for my height so, to prove the difference to me this morning, my husband got the tape measure out. He put it around my hips and took the measurement. Then he asked me what my starting hip measurement was, and let the tape measure out to that number. I was amazed to see just how big I really was. It was half as much again. After we finished exclaiming over the difference, he stood close in behind me and put the tape measure around both of us. It gained 2" ... just a measly 2" around BOTH of us in comparison to my starting size.

Talk about bringing the reality of weight loss to my mind. I've been hung up on the number on the scale instead of focusing on the MASSIVE difference that's happened to my body - not just on the outside that everyone sees, but on the inside where my organs are no longer floating in a sea of visceral fat that is making them work double time to keep me alive.

I am both shocked and elated today. It was a point well-made by hubby. I guess the way men see things IS different to the way we women view them, and sometimes they are right. ;)

I celebrated by putting my wedding dress on and snapping another sequential picture.

Have a great day, Sparklies. Stay strong and focused. One day at a time will get you there. :)
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