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"Still on the Horse..."

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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Today I'm asked to blog about my successes over the last year for an interim challenge for my BLC team. Days blur into months, months into years, and the years fly by. It's been just over three years since I've been on Spark. Without a doubt there are successes to celebrate. Which of those successes happened just in this past year I'm not sure of? So today I am celebrating one BIG success!

Today I am celebrating that I am "up on the horse." I continue to be 50 lbs lighter than I was at the start of my journey. I can honestly say that I have never lost weight and maintained the loss for as long as I have here at Spark. I have been 50 lbs lighter for over 2 years now.

Now does that mean I have been "up on the horse." everyday. No, I've been bucked of so many times throughout the last couple of years but I haven't let the fall scare me enough to keep me off the horse. I've managed to get back up repeatedly, remaining confident that I will lose the other 45 lbs. however long it takes. Getting back up on the horse requires an assessment of what adjustments need to be made to avoid falling again. So I continue to learn each fall how to improve for a successful journey to my goal.

The last weeks I've found myself reflecting on what's holding me back from losing the "other half" of the weight. Have I somehow settled for second best, am I afraid of failure in reaching the goal, or do I just not want to buy into a full time healthy lifestyle? That, however, is not the purpose of this blog.

Tomorrow I'm asked to write about goals so I'll definitely be reflecting on those very questions as I prepare some goals for the upcoming BLC28 starting in May. Without identifying the roadblocks I will struggle to reach that goal of 45 more lbs.

What successes are you celebrating this last week, this last month, or even this last year? Whatever they are do NOT lose sight of them. No matter how small they are worth celebrating because it's what moving you closer to your goal/s.

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