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Monday, July 06, 2015

On June 24th I wrote this on my facebook page

*****This running journey started April 2014. When I finally decided I actually might be able to run. I had to believe in myself. Which is hard. I am very thankful for Jeff Galloway, and his run/walk interval running. I'm thrilled I got to meet him while in WDW for the Princess Half Marathon weekend and the Disney Cruise for the Castaway Cay Challenge. (which is where I got to talk to him and have him sign my Princess Medal ribbon) I'm sitting here again on the "eve" of my next Half Marathon weekend, the Her Madison Half in Madison, WI, and it is hitting me. I'm DOING IT! I made a goal on DID 2015 to run 3 Half Marathons, this is #2. Wine and Din in November is #3 and I'm signed up for JG13.1 in Atlanta, GA, which will be #4. (and I've already ran a virtual 13.1 race around town as well) This is an amazing journey that I have chosen to be on. I DO believe in myself and for the first time ever feel worth something, and the best thing about it is I'm worth something to MYSELF! This isn't about proving myself to others, it's about proving myself to ME!!******

I have now completed 2 of my 3 Half Marathons that I set as my goal for 2015. I have a bonus Half in December. So I will have done 4 Half Marathons by the end of 2015, not counting the virtual Half that my husband and I did in March.

I look back at my pictures on Sparkpeople and am amazed at the difference! Thanks to running and Yoli, I can honestly say I feel the best I have in a very long time if ever!!

This is going to sound kinda silly and shallow but at the events during the Her Madison Weekend, I was one of the "skinny" girls! I sure didn't look at anyone else any different, because we all were there to celebrate each other and our journeys and accomplishments but it was odd for me to feel comfortable in my own skin. This is a new feeling for me. Even when I was young and weighing 105 lbs. I now have maturity added to my new found health, I feel great.

Celebrating my birthday last week at a restaurant, getting on the "saddle" to be "embarrassed", I was thrilled to tell them my age and that I felt better than I ever have! No shame here!! lol This is so NOT me! I do not like being the center of attention, this is the changes that have been brought about by my running and increased health, thanks to Yoli, journey! (dbrew3162010 . yoli . com - obviously no spaces)

I'm taking this one step at a time and enjoying the journey!! Running is my life!!

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