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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Begin! The rest is easy!

I know I CAN walk 10 miles! I did it once, 5 years ago! emoticon
emoticon I know I CAN lose 40 pounds! I did it once, 5 years ago.

I CAN do all things through Christ, Who is my strength; Philippians 4:13
If my mind is set on those things I CAN do instead of the things I can’t do, think how much I might be able to accomplish.

This Summer 5% Challenge has been unusual. Heading into week one, I received several e mails from members who were going to leave the team because they had broken ankles.

“I can’t exercise because I broke my ankle.”

“I’m sorry but I can’t participate in the challenge because I have a broken ankle”

“I have to withdraw from the challenge because I broke my ankle”

After a few reminders that there are ways to exercise that don’t require walking, and, even if exercise is impossible, we still eat and drink and sleep, along with other activities that garner points for our team, the members from the examples above realized they CAN stay with the challenge and be vital supportive team members.
Sometimes our emotions get so wrapped around the things we can’t do we forget those things we CAN do, not only about exercise and healthy living, but in our everyday life as well.

Think about these statements. How often have you thought similar words to yourself?

I don’t have time to thoroughly ________, (fill in the blank), so I don’t do anything.

I can’t walk 10 miles so I don’t even do 1 or 2.

I would love to be able to exercise but I just don’t have the energy or time.

Personally, I’ve been waiting too long to be able to find the time and energy to do what I know I CAN do. I saw this recently on someone's feed, “I put the Pro in procrastination.” That’s been me for at least the past year. I’m done with that attitude.

I recently requested help from the Team Leaders of the 5% Challenge to identify outstanding team members to spotlight in the Community.

I received the following from MARYANNGI, Challenge Leader of the Spirited Underdogs; I found these members to be inspirational CANs.

Our first member has been a leader for the Dawgs for as long as I can remember. CHERIRIDDELL has been waiting for a hip replacement for over 18 months. At this time she cannot walk even with crutches but this doesn't stop her. She has found a way to keep a most impressive garden, do her housework using her upper body and doing what she calls a crab walk. With all of this she is the WL for the Dawgs, is a buddy to any member who needs one and sends out a Motivational Message each Monday. Cheri also exercises a minimum of 120 minutes and no matter how she feeling will always take the time to listen with kindness and understanding.

Our second member is 1BEARWIFE. Sandy is also a very long time member of the Dawgs. At this time, she cares for her husband who has alzheimers, and travels regularly to see her terminally ill daughter in Boston. With all of this going on, she is always ready to help a new member and still works out an amazing 120+ minutes a day.

Our third member is GRANNYSUE9. Sue was recently diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer and recently started chemo. Although not doing as much as she used to, Sue still exercises daily when she can. Sue is a fighter who will not give up and gives support to others as well.

These are members who CAN it!

So, maybe I can’t walk 10 miles today, but I walked 2.5 last Sunday, 4.5 Wednesday and 5 on Saturday! I did it before and I CAN do it again.

When my son was in second grade, he received his first B on his report card. He was beating himself up pretty badly. When I asked if he had done his best he admitted he had not. When asked what he could do to improve, his reply was, " do one more." (I'm sure he was thinking about math). I fondly recall that incident often, and have applied it to my walks. One more step, one more mile, until I reach my goal. I CAN!
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