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new york was eventful.....

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

August 1st, I flew to atlanta georgia and met up with my folks they flew in from Indiana. Then flew into laGaurdia airport. Took a cab to manhatten, we stayed in The famous Roosevelt hotel.
WE arrived at 1;30 pm and checked our bags as our room was not ready yet. So we walked a bit then took a bus uptown to have a late lunch at the outback steak house.....We ate there 3 times. (My parents get gift cards from their children...me included and they save them up for their trip to new york every year.)
that day never ended....
on the way to the restaurant unbeknownst to us, my mother got a severe left lower abdominal pain. Later she said it was her ovary.
After eating very little and playing with her food she fessed up about her pain. We immediately left and took the subway back to the hotel. Unfortunately, while on the subway, my mother threw up spontaneously(no nausea). We managed the elevators and got to our room. WE got to our room around 3. Mom kept throwing up and Dad, went to the pharmacy to gas ex and mylanta. Which she threw up that. Dad called ask a nurse for blue cross and they recommended that she go to the emergency room. Mom was being stubborn and thought that if she could just pass gas she would feel better. by 830pm she could not stand the pain any longer and finally agreed to go to the ER.
The first taxi cab driver did not know where the mont sinai roosevelt hospital was so we got into a second cab that he did. IT took about 10 minutes to get to the hospital.
After much waiting, mom finally gets an IV with morphine and after adjusting and about a total of 8 mg her pain was much better. This was a teaching hospital and I don't remember how many different DRS./staff came in to see my mom.
At first they thought it was a perforated bowel, and they were talking about emergency surgery...... then a viral infection then bacterial,. She had many different tests, exray, ultra sound, cat scan,sonagram, vaginal ultra sound and many blood tests. By this time it had been hours and I needed to take my meds and get some sleep. Dad went with me back to the hotel and mom was admitted, then he returned back to the hospital to get mom situated in her room. Dad came back to the hotel room. I had about 3 hours of sleep, he slept about 2 hours (He had been up from 430am saturday till 11am sunday, over 30 hours straight, he is 77 years old) and I was able to sleep another 3 hours. WE went to the out back for a late lunch. After which we picked up a few groceries at the grand central station grocery store, cheese and fruit, crackers etc.
To make this long story shorter....They were treating mom as if she had avarian cancer.
From saturday to tuesday she was in the hospital. The last test they did on her was an extraction of the fluid in her abdomin using a camera guided needle and sent the 3 samples off to be tested. And discharged mom with an anti biotic and an anti fungal which would kill her if she drank alcohol so no drinking for her for 2 weeks.
So Dad and I had gone to a couple of museums with out her, The met, the natural history, central park. I saw the phantom of the opera with my cousin. So for wed and thursday we did touristy things together.Took a long bus ride to the cloissters part of the met. Saw the statue of liberty took the staten island ferry, Went to jerry seifelds "toms" diner walked the brooklyn bridge, saw the whitney museum and high land park. Got to see the king and I which was fabulous. My mother was thrilled to get to see that, it was new. After that mom went to bed and dad and I went on the roof top to have a manhatten in manhatten!. It was a beautiful night.
Friday morning my sister was in town , we met them for coffee across from the hotel. the phone rang and it was the doctor telling us that they ruled out ovarian cancer,
Well we all cried.
But what is it then?
WE went to the frick museum and met up with my cousin again for lunch at carmines, an italian family style restaurant.
I drank alot while in new york...went thru a whole bottle of drambuie in 3 days. I barely remember the phantom of the opera....sigh

We got up leisurely saturday, check out time was noon.
Mom was still uncomfortable and she was a bit nauseated from her meds.
They made it home by 10 30 that night and Jeff picked me up at 845. I was in the bag by that time
I had had 3 drinks on the first flight then 2 at the airport while waiting my next flight then 2 more on that flight the 2 when I got home. 9 drinks....
New York is a very fast, busy, BIG, too big for me...I don't think that I would ever want to go there again but I went to make my parents happy.
What a memorable trip.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Glad your Mom does not have cancer!
    I love the places you went to- have seen all of them!
    Some day I hope to go to the phantom of the opera. Sorry to hear you were a bit of a phantom there!!! emoticon
    Give NYC another chance- it grows on you!!! I love it there. Yeah I love nature too but NYC is so much fun- and besides you were probably exhausted with all that your Mom was going through.

    2172 days ago
    Praying your mom is okay. Did they determine what caused the pain ? My mom was in the ER last week due to very high blood pressure. I, too, live so far away from my mom (Florida - Wisconsin). I wish there was more I could do to help her. Thank goodness you were there to support her and your dad.

    Don't let commenters pile GUILT on you. That's not going to do you any good. You have been very successfully alcohol-free in the past so you KNOW you can do it again. It's a great idea that you chew gum. Also I know getting exercise works for you. Stay in therapy - and be honest with him/her. You are usually so honest about your drinking - and that's the only way a therapist can help you.

    We're in this together, as I struggle with drinking also. My new silver ring reads, "One Day at a Time". That's the only way "I" can resist alcohol.

    God Bless,
    2172 days ago
    How scary
    2173 days ago
    Hope your mom is feeling better by now.
    Bizi, please tell me you are back on the wagon.
    You are destroying your liver and pancreas with the binge drinking.
    2173 days ago
    Sweetie, You have a HUGE alcohol problem. And you black out too. Please get some help!
    2173 days ago
  • CAROL_31649731
    Wow, lots of experiences you had, and memories you will always have. Will be praying for your Mom, dear . . . and watching for updates. Glad you home safe-and-sound (& losing weight, I saw that, too!) emoticon
    2174 days ago
    Wow it was eventful for sure - so sorry to hear that your mom spent most of the time sick and/or in hospital. How is she doing now? Did they ever figure out what it was?
    2174 days ago
    My oh my .. sounds as though you needed to come home to get a rest .. too bad about your mom getting sick .. :( but perhaps the tests and treatment she received there prevented this painful experience from getting any worse .. hopefully the meds they prescribed do the trick.

    Always good to spend time with family .. even though my mom can drive me to drink in a few minutes .. (just a test I keep telling myself .. as soon as I can pass the test .. it will go away ..!! ) lol

    I love the excitement of New York in pictures, movies and the stories related to me by friends but I never have any burning desire to go visit in person .. crowds and cities are not my thing .. I prefer nature , bonfires and the beach to pavement , traffic and shows .. to each their own .. and so glad you were there with your parents to be of support and guidance when mom wasn't well .. good for you ..

    Welcome back .. trust your mom is on the mend .. sending a huge hug from across the miles ..
    2174 days ago
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