A 3 person interview pep talk Me, Myself and Kathy

Monday, August 17, 2015

Honesty time. I am SOOO frustrated this week! I HATE the 195 to 190 range. It is the hardest for me to break through. I'm REALLY peeved at myself for backsliding so far. I was making great progress. 195 down to 191 in about 3 weeks. Marching right along and then Saturday morning for me weekly weigh in and BAM! 196! ARG! So I have to go back to what Kathy so lovingly taught me my first year on Spark. Focus on what feels right and ignore the scale for a while.

What's wrong: The scale is all over the place.
Kathy Moment: That usually means you're about to bust through the plateau.
Take Away: Just Keep on Trucking.

What's wrong: I can't stay on track Friday night through Sunday.
Kathy Moment: What changes? Mike's home, so I'm not totally focused on me.
Take Away: Go back to walking together in the evenings
Exercise your self control (when the cookies/sweets start calling, chug a bottle of water instead and wait 10 minutes the sweet tooth usually passes. If not, have an apple.)

What's wrong: 194 my back hurts and I can't move.
What that means: on the days when your back doesn't hurt, you're on track. Keep going. Let your body be your guide
Goal: I want to wake up pain free in the morning. Do your yoga stretches EVERY DAY. Measure your goals for the month based on how much movement you get back not the scale.

What's wrong: I think I'm eating too much in the evening.
Kathy Moment: When do you see yourself having this issue? When I'm not using the tracker or when I track my meals the next day, I see that I ate too much.
Take Away: Track every crumb or drop that will pass through your mouth BEFORE you eat it. If it doesn't fit in the tracker, it won't fit in the body you want for yourself.

What's wrong: The scale is moving in the wrong freaking direction!
Kathy Moment: How often do you weigh in? Daily I use the wii to hold me accountable. It's quite cruel when you miss a day or two. That ticks me off so I stay better on track when I get to put the stamp on the calendar. I suppose I could continue to check in with wii to track minutes and keep accountable.I can just click through that screen from the kitchen where I can't see it.
Goal: I will look at the other measurements this month rather than the scale and post what you notice in your blog.

Kathy flashback moment "Rachel, start now sweetie! Slip and pick yourself up NOW. Restart right this second. This is a second by second process."

I'm talking to myself. Aloud. In a public forum. Made it this far, might as well finish!

Maestrach: So. Rachel. Here's what I hear you telling me: You're upset because the scale is not moving. You know where your triggers are, and you know how to deal with all of this. Just go do it. You have done this before. The only thing holding you back is you allowing ONE tool in the process to determine your success. Since when do you base anything in your world on one bit of data?

Hello! This is not high stakes testing at school where one or two days of your year determines everything about how you're placed next year. This is Sparkpeople. Here, we listen to our peers. They will come out in droves to keep you motivated. You listen to your body and notice what it's telling you. You watch your tracker and see what it's telling you. You watch and use your fitness tracker and see what it's telling you.

Kathy: Weight loss is not just about the Kcals in and out. It's about fixing what's between your ears and in your heart. If you can't love and forgive yourself, you're not going to maintain your weight loss. It's a true lifestyle change. You didn't put those pounds on in one day. It happened one choice at a time, one little bit at a time. It will come off in the same manner. Just a bit at a time. Lots of little things add up to big things. Where are you going to focus your energy, Rachel. The whole universe is about change, and you get to decide the changes you will make in your world.

Rachel: Sigh. emoticon No time like now to focus on what's going well.
1. I've had to wear a belt to keep my pants up for the last two weeks. It's still needed today.
2. My skin looks great, and most of the acne is gone.
3. I got up early 2 hours early today and made it through Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred level 1 without stopping.
4. I'm down to one cup of coffee per day.
5. I don't mind looking in the mirror.
6. I can do a BL workout and not want to die 10 minutes in.
7. My back didn't hurt too bad when I got up.
8. I can do 3 sun salutation sequences without cursing my back.
9. The nerve twinges going down my right leg have stopped.
10. You were hungry for breakfast when you got up. You've trained your body to want more than just coffee.

I got this!

PS- Thanks for reading. Have a sparktastic day!
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    You have received great advice. The best thing I ever did is to stay away from the scale for a while. Focus on being good to yourself... fruits and veggies, water, movement, forget the numbers and forget deadlines.

    I keep a quote on my wall at work by Karen Lamb "This time next year, you will wish you had started today."

    Congratulations on what is going well so far. You are on your way!

    2091 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2092 days ago
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