Day 2 Counting what's right

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Today's top 10 list
1. Got up before my alarm.
2. Remembered to eat 3 meals.
3. Did REALLY well at my job interview this morning. After discovering that I had to dive into the clothes in the back because the size 16s that I bought a month ago look STUPID with a belt and WOULD NOT stay up...I lost a waist size! BOOM how's that Mr. I'm Going to Mess With You Head Scale!
4. Got a GREAT review at the dr. "best shape I've seen you in the last year. What did you do?" "Lost 10 pounds, doc. Helps the joints feel better." "I'm proud of you. How are you doing it?" "" "Stay on track and email your food tracker report to me monthly. See you in 6 months" YES!!!!
5. Went for a jog with both dogs with the help of the neighbor boy.
6. My hubby noticed that my "face looks slimmer all of a sudden."
7. I jogged for 3/4 of a mile before my asthma kicked in.
8. I got called back for a second interview on Thursday.
9. I drank all of my water and then some without having to force it down.
10. I got to talk to Mommy for a few moments on the phone. Miss her and Daddy!

Life is good. Going to go curl up with my best friend and call it a day. Sleep well Sparkland!

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