Wednesday, October 07, 2015

The nurse is coming to weigh me every day. I was disappointed as I thought I was still as swollen. emoticon

Then when she weighed me with the same clothes I had lost 5 pounds in 1 day.


Now the doctor is going to lower the diuretic tomorrow. I emoticon
I will have lost more of this water weight.

I have always said drink 8 cups of water a day but that doesn't apply to everyone.
I was told to drink a little Gatorade only as we are trying to get water out not water in. Kind of like in the hospital after certain surgeries.

I had to fight with them to give me the right diuretics this morning. They should be more careful. People who don't know better could die getting the wrong meds.

I did go to the dining room today but had to rush back both times. Praise the Lord!

He wants 2 or 3 pounds to come off a day not 5.

Thanks all for your prayers. I was scared, have to admit it.

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