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She Needed A Hero So She BECAME One.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Hello Dolls!!

I posted about this on my Instagram today & wanted to do a blog on here about it too!! I hope you enjoy it!! I continue to be ever inspired by each & everyone of you!! Thanks for following my journey to better health & happiness & also, for allowing me to be a part of yours!! You are all AMAZING & I am so BLESSED to have the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people through SP!!


I didn't HAVE the time
I MADE the time.

I didn't have ALL the knowledge
So, I did what I KNEW.

Not everyone SUPPORTED me
So, I learned to support MYSELF.

I wasn't the most CONFIDENT person
But, my confidence came with RESULTS.

I have A LOT going against me
But, I have ENOUGH going for me.

I have PLENTY of excuses
But, I CHOSE not to use ANY of them.

Since the very first day that I joined SP & started on my journey to better health & happiness, this has been my daily mantra. It is displayed on my SparkPage & I read it every morning & on the really hard days, I often find myself reading it more than once. It has helped me on the days where I don't feel like getting off the couch. It has helped me on the days where I just want to pig out on the garbage that got me to my heaviest weight to began with. It has helped me on the days where I began to doubt if I'll ever see my goal weight pop up on the scale & most importantly, it has helped me on the days where I question if all the hard work I'm putting in is worth it.

On those hardest of hard days, I think about the person I was when I joined this site. I think about the reflection of that overweight, sick, unhealthy person who use to stare back at me in the mirror. I think about how disapointed I was in myself for letting my weight get that out of control. I think about that person who use to wonder if her son would grow up & be ashamed of her for not taking better care of herself or if he would grow up & follow down the same unhealthy path. I think about the person who watched life go by instead of living it, the person who once inhabited my body, the person who died when I decided that I deserved better. I think about how even though I'm not where I want to end up, I'm so much further away from where I came from.

Each day is a gift & I plan on opening that gift as many times as possible.

Some days will be harder than others but I don't expect perfection, only progress. This journey has taught me that nothing in this life that is truly worth having comes without trials, tribulations, ups & downs. Nothing worth having, worth keeping comes easy. You have to want it more than you are afraid of it. You have to be willing to risk it all, go all in, give it everything & have faith that you can do it. You have to be willing to leave nothing up to chance. You have to go into it knowing that nothing changes if you refuse to change.

Getting fit is hard. It requires dedication. It requires willpower. It requires backbone. It requires sacrifice. But getting fit truly pays you back in tenfold. It pays you back in confidence. It pays you back in health. It pays you back in longevity. It pays you back in happiness. It pays you back in better todays & even better tomorrows. It's currency is hope. It's value is priceless. & it's lesson is self-love, self-respect, self-worth.

Each day is a choice, a battle between faith & doubt & in the end, your only competitor is the face staring back at you in the mirror. I hope you give her a run for her money because you deserve to be healthy. You deserve to be ridiculously happy. You deserve to live life with NO limitations.

Stay Positive, Change IS Coming,

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