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20 Stunning Facts About Cats

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Many people believe there are two types of people in the world, dog lovers and cat lovers. I am a lover of both, but enjoy the company of a cat a little bit more.

Cats are amazing creatures. They are small and cute, but, on the inside, they are wild beasts made to hunt, kill, and eat. Cats are also compassionate, kind, and very caring. The majority of animals found at shelters are cats and many of these felines deserve a good home.

If you don’t believe me, take a look at the awesome facts below!

1. People who own cats are more likely to have a degree.

2. Cats rub against their humans to mark them as their territory. That means they like you!

3. Cats have a lower social IQ than dogs but are able to solve more difficult cognitive tasks. (Only when they want to!)

4. A cat’s purr not only means he or she is content, it is also used for self healing. Their purr can heal their human as well. Learn more here!

5. Cats spend 70% of their lives sleeping. 70%!!! Lucky them!

6. Cats have more than 20 muscles that they use to move their ears.

7. Towser the cat caught almost 30,000 mice in her lifetime. Because of her efforts, there is a monument in Scotland dedicated to her.

8. The surface of a cat’s nose is as unique as a person’s fingerprints.

9. Most cats have five toes on their front paws and four on the back. If they have more, they are polydactyl. Polydactyl cats are also calledHemingway cats because he loved them so much!

10. Cats use their whiskers to find out if they can fit through or into a small space. It doesn’t always work.

11. Any domestic cat can run faster than Usain Bolt. That doesn’t mean that they will.

12. Cats are colorblind but have excellent night vision!

13. Cats can recognize their owner’s voice. They just choose to ignore it.

14. Cats can’t climb down trees facing down because of how their claws are designed. They can climb down backwards, but most don’t know how. This is why they get stuck! This guy knows what to do.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I don't enjoy the neighborhood cats using our flowerbeds & garden plots as litter boxes. Other than that drawback, I do like cats.

    We really did love our neighbor's all black cat. Sadly he died of old age!

    Our son has two cats - one he took on as a kitten & the other was living in the field next to his home. For years he would leave food out for her; however, she did not trust humans. It took many years before she would allow him to pet her & then many more years before she would enter into his kitchen to eat. Now she seems to feel quite comfortable in his home, although she is very much an outdoor cat 94% of the time.

    God bless!
    1941 days ago
  • SUNSET09
    I have learned to realize they are smart, some are beautiful and they are loving! emoticon and emoticon to all of the emoticon loving people! oh emoticon
    1954 days ago
    I can't imagine my home without three cats in residence. They are more entertaining than a movie!
    1954 days ago
    I wonder, who in Scotland, counted all those mice? emoticon
    1955 days ago
    Love this!! I just love my two cats&three dogs.
    1955 days ago
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