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Friday, February 26, 2016

This past week we were given a slight preview on what weight watchers has in store for us in these next two months. April is/will be considered the walking month. Starting on March 1st, for those that wish to come early to the meeting, can do a mini walking challenge. From March to April we will be working on a new charm....TREK your CHALLENGE.

I have always loved these charms. I have always put my all into earning them. I have never taken them lightly. Last summer was the HAPPY CHARM. I was sick of being HAPPY all Summer long...but every day I wrote into my 3 month tracker...something that made me smile for the day.....something that I actually appreciated. So when I received my happy face charm...I did smile. To this day...I still write something that I am grateful in my tracker.


I thought long and hard about this. I wanted it to be something FUN. I miss FUN. I desire something that I could strive for and continue doing so....not just for the month of March and April.

I came up .....

with walking in my state of Michigan. I would start from my home town and head north. Originally I thought to the bridge.....the Mackinaw Bridge. That would be quite the trek for sure.....around 268 miles I am guessing. That seemed ....overwhelming and quite daunting.

SO....I have broken it up to various cities/towns in our state. I am even going to cross over the bridge...head to Sault Ste Marie and then head west to Copper Harbor..... the furthest point in the UP.

My first stop will be Frankenmuth which is approximately 68 miles away.

I set up my phone for the trip. I am going to display the city/town that will be my next destination for the weather forecast. Each time I pick up my phone..the home screen will be a constant reminder on where I am heading too.

In mileage shall exceed 716 and I will not accomplish that in two months. I am thinking 7 or 8 months...depending on how much time I will be spending in the various towns sight seeing! (wink..wink).

I am so excited to begin...I truly thought about starting this trek today...but shall wait to Tuesday, March 1st. I did push myself to walk more today at work when I was slow. I earned just over 11,000 steps. I cannot tell you how exhilarating it was and the sense of accomplishment I felt.

In my TREK...the weather shall be perfect. My attire will be shorts....a sweatshirt....a walking stick pole ......a backpack.....and a canteen. My walking companion will be my first and only dog Morgan. Yes....he passed away back in 88...but in my heart and mind...he will be beside me. Every night when we tire....the perfect lodging shall be available.

I shared with my husband what I was going to do. You should have seen his face. I knew he thought I had lost my mind......

It is okay....this is MY TREK...MY the charm to earn.

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