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Quick Update

Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Just a quick update tonight so I can stay on track.

So on the weight front, I am back up 1.5 pounds this week after about a 2 pound loss last week. However, this past week was also TOM so I am not too upset about the bump up. Just determined to reverse it this week!

~Blog weekly ~
Whoops! This didn't happen last week. I had a blog about half typed up, but actually getting it finished and posted seemed to be a issue for me. *hangs head in shame* BUT this week is different! As you can now see because you are indeed, right now, reading a blog from me! Go me!

~Track food 90% of the time ~
I would say this is about 60% over the past two weeks. Going to work on this! Already have everything for today tracked.

~Focus on a healthy, high protein, high freggie diet ~
Overall diet hasn't been bad, but it hasn't been stellar either. I have been trying to add a little extended fasting to my schedule for the past few weeks and not eating anything (except my coffee) until about 11 am. For the most part, this has worked well. In fact, it has saved me a few days when my lunches ended up being high calorie. With no breakfast, the high calorie lunch didn't derail me and I was able to move on with my day with no eating stress! I am also planning to really focus on eating dinner earlier this week. I can't help but feel that a 7:45 pm dinner is not good for losing weight!

~500 fitness minutes a week with good variety including cardio and ST ~
Nailed it the week before last, but only made it to 464 last week. Oh well. I am moving on and will make it this week.

~1 mile a day! Run at least one mile per day, every day ~
Nailed it! *fist pumping myself*

~7000 steps per day ~
Ugh! That is all I have to say about this really. For some reason, it has been a major challenge getting past 6,000 to 6,500. I am looking at some more creative ideas for adding steps. This should not be so hard!

~Add in some fun fitness activities as able. Things like snowshoeing, hiking, races and even meeting up with friend to go walking so I am not working out alone. ~
Week before last, I took puppy (actually it is our senior citizen dog, but we call her a puppy) for a nice walk all over town and then took her to get coffee and a doggy treat. She loved it! Nothing extra for last week.

~Happiness journal - 3 things to be grateful for every week ~
This was such a great idea..... *sigh*

That's all for now. Keeping on, keeping on. emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Are you including your running with those steps? You should. Don't cheat yourself by thinking that running doesn't count.
    Do you have some sit down job? Can you pop up and walk in place every so often?

    When all else fails just take the *^%$% pedometer off and shake it in your hand. emoticon

    1823 days ago
    I think you are doing GREAT! The important thing is that you have goals and you are striving for them...I've been trying to do extended fasting also. I get so confused because some plans say you MUST have fact the latest success I had about 6 months ago was the Fast Metabolism Diet and you HAD to eat within 30 minutes of getting up. That was a hard one for me because I've never really been a breakfast eater..just my 2 BIG cups of black coffee. Lately I've been adding a t of coconut oil in it for my omega 3s....I know sound awful...but not bad...a little nutty tasting and it satiates you also. Then after I fell of FMD because of the MAJOR time commitment cooking...I've been floundering...I plan to really jumpstart again April 1st...with mostly RAW which I also had great success. It's not sustainable for me long term because I like hot foods...but it's a great jump start to get me back on the healthy wagon. I'm proud of are always striving and that is half the battle my friend!

    I'll be cheering you on!!! emoticon
    1914 days ago
  • no profile photo CD15003511
    You are doing great. Keep going. :-) Do you have stairs in your house? One thing I do sometimes is go up and down the stairs, even though I don't have that many as it gets in added steps. LOL! I know, kinda kooky, but's steps and climbing stairs so whatever will get me to my step goal.
    1917 days ago
  • ADF1981
    The pound is probably just TOM related so I wouldn't give it too much thought. I try not to weigh around that time because it upsets me LOL. Great goals and glad you posted an update! Keep up the great work and the blogs coming!
    1926 days ago
    I think that you are doing a great job with this. Trying is all any of us can do. Improving a little every week is a good goal, and you are definitely improving.
    I have a snowshoe and hiking companion, and it does help.
    Keep up the good work, you're def. making progress! emoticon
    1927 days ago
    Making strides! Keep it up! emoticon
    1927 days ago
  • FRANRN76
    Sounds like a good week. The theme in alo of posts i have read this morning, is that we are all trying. Which is still miles apart from those that aren't. I too have been taking advantage of the sunny weather. My dog is loing it
    1928 days ago
    Keep pushing. You are doing great. Forward movement :)
    1928 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4516954
    You're doing great, keep moving in the right direction
    1928 days ago
  • no profile photo CD1540230
    Nice job! Funny you mention the extended fast because spark just posted an article about IF... hehe.

    Keep on doing what you're doing. Consistency will get you there. =)
    1928 days ago
    Keep it up! You can do it!
    1928 days ago
    Keep it up girl! You can do this. I've been doing your happiness journal idea - trying to write down 3 things to be grateful for each day. They are pretty small, but it makes me stop and think and appreciate what I've got. Thanks for the awesome idea!
    1928 days ago
    "*fist pumping myself*"--LOVE IT!!!!! 464 fitness minutes--terrific! I love the idea of a walking/hiking/showshoeing buddies!! Maybe different standing dates with different buddies??? Makes the time so sweet doesn't it? :) Sounds like puppy is always a good "active rest day" buddy ;)- I'm back on the food tracking/planning and it's super helping! Good luck this week, your plan is super doable, can't wait to see you pull it off! You got this!!
    1928 days ago
  • no profile photo CD12068097
    Hey life happens. Keep Sparking.
    1928 days ago
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