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PT progress

Thursday, April 07, 2016

Another week of PT appointments down. He's added a couple more exercises, but still not letting me do any exercises other than seated. And then, as a fun little twisted extra, makes me do balance exercises...and makes me laugh while I'm trying to concentrate on my focal point! Evil man lol.

The seated stepper is just amazing! If I had an extra $3500 to spare, I'd buy one in a heartbeat! Here's a few stats from this week, since being allowed to do the NuStep:

Cardio minutes:
Sunday - 60
Monday - 60
Wednesday - 80
Thursday - 70

Daily miles:
Sunday - 5.38
Monday - 6.92
Tuesday - 4.68
Wednesday - 8.36
Thursday (so far today) - 8.78

Steps (my goal is 10.5k a day):
Sunday - 10605
Monday - 14758
Tuesday - 10896
Wednesday - 18437
Thursday (so far today) - 18868

We're making progress. My arch hardly has any pain at all. There's just the one spot on my heel that's still giving me issues. Hopefully by this time next month it'll be much less and we can try 10 minutes on the treadmill!

I'm so glad I'm making forward progress! OH! And without the boot on! I haven't worn it for the last 2 days!!! HUGE victory in my books!

The only downside (which isn't really, it's just frustrating) is with the increased cardio (and upper body since my arms are getting some serious workouts on the stepper), my muscles have called in the water reinforcements and I keep bloating! lol Like, 3 1/2 lbs worth of bloating lol. Judging by this morning's numbers though, I think my body has decided I'm NOT trying to kill it and it's beginning to release the extra fluids.
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