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Lab Results Updated and Doctor Visit

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

So to all of you who told me not to worry, you were absolutely correct! I saw my doctor today and when she pulled out my lab results I told her my concerns about the Glucose level being high. I told her everything I was doing and she said... Perfect! What I have been doing for the past 3 months is exactly what she would've prescribed. She told me to relax since we don't know what my Glucose level was before starting and my last reading was 2 years ago.

We spent a lot of time talking about foods, the added sugars in them (oh boy! does she have feelings on this subject!), that not all fats are bad (she actually suggested 1% milk due to the fat/vitamin D relationship - I have to look into this since I am a skim milk drinker), and if the food doesn't have a nutrition label, eat it! (Fruits, vegetables, meats, etc).

I mentioned my calorie counts to her and that even on good days I cannot get below 1600 calories. She said that I shouldn't be and that 1600 should be my minimum. We talked about Basal Metabolic Rate and how that plays into my calorie needs. She did warn me to make sure that it was 1600 or more of good calories (not ice cream, chips and candy).

Before I left she told me not to worry about the number on the scale. She said that as long as I ate a healthy diet and exercised regularly, I was already healthier than I was doing nothing. This helped a lot since I just came thru a plateau and was starting to freak about the scale not moving (for a month!!). I have to remember this! I am still healthier than if I was doing nothing so hopefully this will set me up for when the next plateau happens.

I left there feeling energized and pumped! I know I can keep on doing this! The diabetes medicines can just suck it! I won't be taking them!!!

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