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What a Day!!

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

I just need to vent out about my day yesterday. This will also explain to my Tiger Monarch teammates why I had no exercise minutes yesterday.

Yesterday at work I received a phone call from my 21 year old daughter at 3 p.m. She was in complete disbelief and almost in tears. She thought her car had been stolen but maybe it was towed. This was in a refurbished neighborhood near downtown Milwaukee. She had called the city tow lot and they didn't have it. She needed to be at work in 30 minutes but was walking towards the police station. I needed to drive down and meet her there and get her to work.

I do the 30 minute drive and meet up with her. We couldn't file a police report since we didn't have the title to the car but the police did check with the tow lot and they did not have it. Her car had been stolen. I needed to go home and get the title and come back later that night.

I call my husband (who's name is on the title with our daughter) and let him know what is going on. We agree to meet at home and go out later that night to file the police report and drop off a car for our daughter to use.

So as my husband is warming up something for dinner, he says, "We have company!" At our back door is a police officer from our suburb. He asks my husband for his name and asks if we own a Chyslyer Cirrus (yes, a Cirrus from 1999!! And it WAS stolen! Crazy!) I explained to the officer what happened and he said they had recovered the car -- in our suburb!!! The thieves stole it... took it for a joyride... and then deposited 20 miles from original location but 4 miles from our house!

The police were very nice all 6 of them!! LOL! Not much to do in our town apparently. There wasn't any damage to the car except for the ignition coil thingy being removed. Her car now has the luxury of starting without a key... all you need is a screwdriver!

My day was still not over. We still needed to drive a spare car to her at her job downtown since my husband is going to try to fix hers. And our police department wanted us to still file a police report with the city of Milwaukee because the thieves only left my daughter's car so they could steal another car from that parking lot. It's rather weird to go in and report a car stolen and in the next breath tell them but we now have it. No I'm not crazy really.

My day did not end until 11:30 p.m. when I was home and could go to bed. Needless to say there are no exercise minutes from yesterday.

We are blessed however that her car was found in reasonably good shape (well, it wasn't in great shape when it was stolen, lots of dings and dents). And she wasn't car jacked which is a huge problem in the city lately. She has her car back which she desperately needs because even though there is a great bus service in the city she works as a bartender and waitress and many times is not done at work until 2 or 3 in the morning. Our biggest concern is stuff in the back seat and glove compartment were dumped including her car registration. The thieves have our home address. Our local police are going to do drive bys and asked us to be extra vigiliant when we are home. But they really think these were just young kids (12 - 17) who are stealing and joy riding because they can. Some of her stuff was recovered (dvds and passport- thank god!!) from the scene of another car theft where it looks like it was just pushed out of the car. So we are hoping there is no malice in the removal of the registration.

Despite growing up and living in Milwaukee for the first 18 years of my life and then city suburbs since then, I have never been the victim of a crime like this. It's weird because I am not angry (although I do hope they catch the kids that did this). I really am just relieved and feel so blessed that this could've been so much worse and it is actually turning out okay. Plus my daughter called me at 12:30 last night after leaving work... one of her customers at the bar last night had a bill of almost $200 and then proceeded to give her a $200 tip!!! I think he felt bad for her. And when she told him she couldn't accept a tip of that size he told her she earned it. So even more reason to feel blessed and to realize that even though there is bad and ugliness in the world... good will still prevail.

I hope everyone has a blessed day! I certainly am.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Wow, what a day your family had! How wonderful that the police recovered the car so quickly. How you are all recovering from the excitement.
    1768 days ago
  • PATTIA1311
    So glad everything worked out! And you are right, there is still kindness in the world!!
    1771 days ago
    Crazy day! I hope it was just some joy riding kids. I'm glad the police are being diligent about patrolling your home in the meantime.
    1783 days ago
    Wow, what an experience. I am so glad that it turned out a lot better than it could have. I'm from smallish town Iowa and we still are blessed with minimal crime. We still leave our keys in the vehicles. If someone is hard up enough to steal one of ours, then they probably need it more than us.
    1784 days ago
    WHAT a day that was! Oh my gosh!
    I am glad it wasn't worse too, and very happy for the surprise tip your daughter got. What a generous spirit that customer was.
    1784 days ago
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