Monday, July 11, 2016

I have been absent for some time but have tried to keep on with my goals. I have been eating pretty good for the most part and was running in the mornings for a while. My husband started working a lot of overtime so it was causing me to miss my favorite cardio. I always plan to pop in a dvd that I love so much but finding the time to do that and being quiet if it is at night or the AM is difficult. My water intake hasn't been so great the last few months going in spurts of being great but then days where I have barely any. My sleep isn't so great either, I still find myself wanting to have me time so I stay up to late after everyone is asleep. BUT I am happy, I am doing well and I am having success at work.

I did finally look into something I had been researching for a while. Alexajeanfitness on Instagram. I kept seeing sales on Instagram for a page I follow and last night one of the sales really struck me as it was a sale on her new program and if you bought it within a certain time frame then you got her other five programs for free. So I started diving in and checking out results people had gotten and even creeping a little on the people to see if they were legitimate. All these women in there statements had a very important thing in common with me..very busy. And they were real people not people posting things being paid to do it. So I made the leap with fingers crossed. I'm so used to DVD but this was an ebook. I paid, I download and as I began to read and look at the eating ebook and the all over body fitness book I was amazed at how doable this could be with my busy schedule. I was amazed at how I could do these workouts literally just about anywhere. I was impressed with how easy the eating program could be for myself and a lot of other people. Easy, can do it anywhere, she's nto trying to get me to buy a bunch of bs chemicals or actually anything extra, fits into my schedule without waking people up, yes please, yes please and yes please.

So I'm stepping it up. I'm starting the program today, I'm getting my water, I'm getting my sleep, I'm taking care of my outside body and I'm taking care of my relationships with those I care about. Those are my goals. I will come back and make them measurable but for now I'm feeling good and looking forward to checking back in with my results.
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