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I am alittle hypo....

Sunday, August 07, 2016

Really happy.
In 90 degree weather I did 2 hours of yard work trimming back bushes, (I created a large yard waste pile) pulling vines out virginia creeper that was wrapped around the jasmine on the fence.
I accidentally pulled up one of the few plants left so I dug a little hole and put it back into the ground and covered it with good dirt and then watered it. It is now raining so that will water it some more. I hope that it grows other wise I will lose the whole remaining vine ...unfortunately. It is a white lattice fence and the vine looks terrible now that I removed dead vines and all of the creeper that should not have been there. I guess any greenery looks better than none. Maybe I should have left it there.
While trimming the bushes in the front yard I noticed the bed room window needs repairing and the windows are green from mold...I looked up and the fascia at the top along the roof has green mold as well.
I wonder how long that has been going on????
I have not been paying attention to our house, neglecting it. and jeff doesn't really help either. He will do things if I ask him....music is his thing, house is not so much.
Don't know whether the hose will reach that far to wash it or not.
I would have to get on a ladder to do that. It is only raining a little bit and looks like it won't last long so that is most pressing job as far as I am concerned.
We don't want to look like we don't keep up our house.
As far as I can tell the mold is only on the front right side of the fascia in the front of the house, facing west.
That bedroom window is a pushed out window the wood is rotting and needs to be replaced. these are the original windows and the house is 46 years old. All of the windows are terrible insulators and there is condensation on the outside of the windows every morning, we run the air conditioner cooler at night then during the day.
The shutters need to be painted too. The 15 sets of windows have many panes to them with vinyl separators between each of the 12 panes of glass per window.
That is 180 pieces of glass!
And that doesn't include any of the doors which have 48 panes, I just counted them. (I don't even think they make windows like this anymore). Or the front door that has decorative beveled little glass pieces.
We have a lot of light in this house! None of the windows in the back of the house facing the back yard have curtains so you can see all of the greenery and natural light that comes in, it makes the large room feel even larger. There are blue glass bottles and nick nacks on the window ledge.
Love this feature!
Since it is a punched out window with a bench on the inside of the bedroom, I don't know or have a clue how to fix the rotten wood nor replace the window. Wonder if the window people could repair the wood around the window or if we would have to hire a carpenter to do that?
Nobody says we have to replace all of the windows in the house but that might look weird just fixing the front bedroom one. There are 2 more sets of windows in the front of the house, one for the living room and the other in the dining room.

On another note we should get estimates to convert the car port to a garage for safety issues. There have been car break ins....

Well the sun is out and it has stopped raining now.
So I will think about cleaning those windows.
Well I have written a book, and if you have, thank you for keeping up with it.
Little hypo here.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I agree little projects makes a huge job manageable .. Break it down into priority .. Mild and rotting wood first .. Gather the band there must be someone who know carpentry .. The rest of the crew are labourers .. Make it fun .. And exercise !!🏚
    1773 days ago
    By Crickey!
    It sounds like there is a lot to get done.
    Break it down into small projects to make it easier.
    Good luck
    1774 days ago
    Sounds like there is a need for improvement on your house. Mold is a serious issue, especially if it is indoors. It can cause serious health issues. Also rotted wood should be replaced as soon as noticed or found, the weakness of the wood spreads and creates havoc on your building structure. It is something like termites…..it isn't good to ignore. What about replacing some windows which will be expensive but in the long run it will definitely save you from your electrical/gas bill. Maybe it is time that your hubby should cut down on his "music," and concentrate on preventing more damage on your home. Priorities, right?
    1774 days ago
    It is never ending esp. with older houses!
    1774 days ago
    Maybe just a little....lol!
    It is true though, that when you start a project ypu notice other things and then other things and then...

    I was about to reply to your measurement blog when I noticed this one.
    Sounds like quite a weight swing, Bizi... Any new meds to blame?
    I know you had that fabulous trip to Europe bit, still.
    You know exactly what you need to do, right?
    The doing it is the hard part.
    1774 days ago
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