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Let's Change Overwhelm to Overcome!

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Let's Change Overwhelm to Overcome

Interesting word, overwhelm. One definition is to load, heap, treat, or address with an overpowering or excessive amount of anything:

As a leader of the 5% Weight Loss challenge the most frequent reason I hear from those who leave the challenge is, "it's just too overwhelming". I totally understand. I've certainly been overwhelmed many times. My pondering has led me to the realization, we can overcome being overwhelmed.

For the purpose of this blog, I'll refer to the 5% Challenge though I'm hopeful I can apply these thoughts to other areas of life.

When I ask the question, "what is so overwhelming about the challenge, one answer I hear is, there are too many rules. Huh? Life is about rules. We have rules of the land, rules in school or on our job. Rules in our homes. Why not rules on a challenge? Isn't part of any challenge to try to reach a goal within a certain set of boundaries, er rules?

Another reason I hear is, "I can't be online every day I don't have time." Easy fix. once weekly is all that's required to stay active in the challenge.

I broke my ankle, leg, wrist. I had surgery, I am not really a team player, I can't really exercise. Broken bones and other injuries may limit your activity but there is always something you can do sitting in a chair, or even lying in a bed.

I don't like water and can't drink a lot of it. Hey, me neither! We all know we need water so stick a lemon in it, drink what you can and get that many points for your team.

"I'll never learn all the ins and outs". The 5% challenge is like anything else. It takes time to learn. In life when we are learning something new, we have someone to guide us. Teacher, Boss, Friend. We have that in the Challenge also. Leaders and teammates who stand with you to help you navigate things until you feel confident on your own.

I wonder if often the REAL reason, some people leave is fear. Why do it when I know I will fail? I believe the fear of failure is the biggest obstacle to reaching for the prize. What ifs cloud our thinking and increase our self doubt, so we stay with the same old same old rather than take a risk.

Take a single step, then take two, then three...
Choose to change your Overwhelm to Overcome.

edit: The 5% Challenge Leaders are adding a temporary team on the Fall Challenge which is organizing at this time. Those who are new to the Challenge but may be overwhelmed by the information overload, or if you want to try the challenge on for size, (pun intended), to see if it works for you. Follow the link below, scroll to the Pick Your Team Forum and select the topic, 5% Rookies.

Interested in the 5% Challenge? Here is the link
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