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I Really Wanted a Puppy!

Saturday, November 12, 2016

I never had a dog growing up. Truth be told I was always a little bit afraid of most of them. One set of Grandparents had a sweet Cocker Spaniel named Pudgie, and she really was pudgy. My other Grandparents had a chihuahua named Torky. I don't have a clue where that name came from, but that was one nasty little dog and was probably the reason for my fear.

So no dogs at my house when I was a kid. When I was about 10 years old we got a siamese cat we named Sen. Boy was that cat spoiled, and loved, and carried, and doted on. My Parents moved to a new house in the same town after my Brothers and I were on our own. The cat, who would have been 10 or 11 years old at the time got outside and ran away. We pored over the town looking for her. Offered a reward and put an ad in the local paper. She was just gone! We were a sad family and comforted each other by believing someone was taking care of her and loving her like we did.

Nearly 2 years after the move, Mom and I were sitting at the kitchen table chatting when we heard a noise at the back door, followed by that meow which is unique to Siamese cats. We looked at each other in shock and simultaneously shouted "SEN!!!" I jumped up and opened the door. That darn cat walked in the door of a house she had no way of knowing was her home, just like she had never been away.

I was married at the age of 25 and Sen got married with me. The problem was, my new husband hated cats. I give him credit, he tolerated the cat for my sake, (that was way before the divorce when he professed his undying love). My beautiful Sen passed over the rainbow bridge shortly before my son was born in 1980. I loved that cat for at least 18 years.

My ex was so happy to be rid of her. He said, " Now we can get a real pet." So began my love affair with dogs. The dog we had at the time of the divorce was the love of my life. He crossed over the rainbow bridge in 2010. I was working full time so I put off getting another pet, until now.

I really wanted a puppy! emoticon Cute and little and playful. Walks on the leash to show it off, love the puppy smell.... I certainly didn't want a cat.

So one day I pulled in my driveway, got out of the car and was talking with a neighbor when this cat comes walking up to me. I kid you not, that animal stared me down with intense yellow eyes. Rubbed against my legs, looked up in my face and meowed. She was daring me to not like her. Another neighbor from across the way yells over and says if you want that cat it's a stray just let me know if you keep it.

What!?!? I don't want a cat I want a puppy. All the while, that cat is rubbing her head against my ankle and wrapping her body around my leg. I shook her off and shooed her away. Once in the house I booted up the computer to check in with Mom on FB. Suddenly a message pops up from a different neighbor.

Neighbor: I saw you with the cat. Are you keeping the cat?
Me: Noooooo I don't want a cat I want a puppy. Where did the cat come from anyway?
Neighbor: It's an awesome cat. It's been wandering around the neighborhood for almost 2 months.
Me: Impossible! Today is the first time I have seen it.
Neighbor: No really! Jane, (the neighbor that told me I could keep the cat), has a shelter for it and has been feeding it.
Me: Then let Jane keep the cat. I want a puppy.

An hour later:

Me: I took pictures of the cat. She sure is pretty. I posted them on FB and put a notice on the Community Bulletin Board.
Neighbor: I already did that.
Neighbor: Twice
Me: Well I did it again. She is a beautiful cat and you can tell someone has been loving the cat so I am certain someone will claim her.

Here is what I posted to my town's rave page.

Ceri added 4 new photos.
November 2 at 5:23 pm

Ceri: Beautiful cat wandering around South end of town.
Ashley: Awww! (Ashley is my niece who just adopted a stray cat).
Ceri: LOL Mom hopes she follows me around like your Jack did so I can keep her and name her Jill. (Mom loves cats)
Ashley: Haha that would be awesome
Leona: Shes beautiful keep her (Leona, friend from town)
Ceri: I want a puppy.
Kay: did anyone claim her yet
Ceri: Sigh No
Leona: You really ought to keep her.

Like · Reply · November 2 at 5:36pm

Ceri: No I want a puppy!!!
Kay: I have the cat I can bring her over.
Ceri: No I want a puppy!

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Like Reply November 4 at 3:00pm I replied to my post on the town page.

Ceri: This is now my cat! She has eaten, had a drink. She peed and doo dooed in the litter box and took a nap on my lap. She is presently at the cat spa having a bath, and a mani/pedi. I dare anyone to try to take her from me now.
Leona: Thats good so glad she found a good home
Mom: I know you love me so much you kept that cat for me!
Me: Nods (knowing she can't see me).

November 12, at 12:45pm As I typ... er try to type this. Meet Serene Queen. Named for the regal way she twisted her self around my leg and into my heart the first time I saw her. She knew I wanted a cat.

Just Love my Queenie! Notice her two faces.

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