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Monday, November 28, 2016

One more hint before I tell the story. No fair looking ahead.

Hint, the word within the word. LAYOUGAHEAD

Kitty Chronicles: Continuing Confessions of Queen Cat's Captive!

Her Majesty hates the vacuum, but loves the emoticon What fun playing catch the broom and redistribute the dirt. However when the vacuum is running the Queen runs and hides. Perhaps a good enough reason never to vacuum again.

New food = new gas odor eww hope she doesn't moon me tonight.

I think she knows her colors. I know she knows where I hide the treats. She leads me, (just as though I were the one on a leash), to the cabinet and meows treat. Miss Queen has her favorites. Of course I grab the yellow bag and offer her a piece. meowno says she and refusues to eat it. I go for the pink bag. That one doesn't work either. So blue it is. I give her a few pieces, they are quite small, she gobbles them down then quickly eats the pink and yellow too.

WALLAHALLA I know all about that Christmas tinsel decorating a cat's hind end. The Siamese we had when I was a kid loved to eat it too.

CARBMONSTERII, "try substituting a wand toy or string or another toy that gets her going"? I spent real money on cute dishes, pretty collars, one with a bell even, and special kitty toys. When I try to play toys with her she watches me like I am demented.

This seems to be her favorite place to sit when she wants to spend time with me.

Who found the word within the word? LAyoUGahEaD.

My Son wanted to learn to read even before he started school. He would spread the newspaper on the floor and pretend he was reading it. He memorized the Little Golden Books I read to him, then would entertain customers in my Beauty Salon by, "reading" to them. Once he started school we had reading lessons some evenings after other homework was finished. One such evening, I don't remember what we were reading but we came upon the word laughed. When he tried to phonetically sound it out, it sounded like "lay you ga head". to him. You can understand why it is a special memory to me.

Mom tells from her childhood. Her Father prayed long involved prayers before meals. I remember he still did this when I was a child also. It wasn't until I had my own child that I came to appreciate the beauty and sincerity of my Grandfather's prayers. emoticon

Mom's story goes like this. At the end of every meal time prayer her Dad would say and Lord please bless this food fritz and tender juice. Momma would look at all the food on the table trying to figure out which dish held the mystery of fritz and tender juice. It wasn't until she was older that she realized he was saying, "Bless this food for it's intended use." My Grandparents were raised Pennsylvania Dutch and carried the accent well into their senior years.

I have had a sleep disorder since 2011. The bed time Living The Good Life of the fall challenge helped me get a better nights rest, so I am continuing with that. I still don't sleep well but it's better than it was.

If you did the challenge what was your most beneficial LTGL?

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Wow, she is definitely QUEEN! You let her get away with rejecting her treat and waiting for a different kind and then eating 3! (shaking head) LOL. Thanks for the very entertaining blogs!
    1675 days ago
    PS I still mishear words and think what odd things people are saying!
    1700 days ago
    Oh my goodness! I love, love, love this blog! As I was learning to read braille my friend and I would layoga so hard as we sounded out words as we tried to read with our fingers! I kept insisted one time that T-O-D-A-Y was not a real word. spelling out loud made her say today.... Then she kept trying to figure out what N-I-G-H-T could possibly be! good thing we had each other. And, this is why they don't want us learning braille and reading letter by letter, but, well.... Thanks for sharing!
    1700 days ago
    Love the phonetic spelling lesson .. We live near a lot of marinas here, and frequently signage along the roads contain the word "yacht" which I remember being pronounced like it rhymed with "hatched."

    At least you can admit to the fact that your cat owns you.
    Mine also are glad to own a couple humans here.

    PS - My favorite LTGL is decluttering.
    I'm continuing it into the Break as well.
    1703 days ago
    I LOVE this blog, full of family memories!
    1703 days ago
    Lovely story!
    1703 days ago
    One of my son's favorite hymns was "Jesus Save Your Pie For Me". I can't hear it without smiling.
    1703 days ago
    OK, it was worth the wait to learn about Layougahead. I love reading everyone's comments about cat dishes, toys, etc. Those little furballs have us wrapped around their dainty little paws, don't they! Mine are sitting at my elbow as I type, hoping I will see reason and give them some of my breakfast, or at least offer it so they can decide if it is up to their standards! emoticon
    1703 days ago
    Terrific blog ! Childhood memories are what we are creating right now with my Grandchildren. I have my favorites that Sam and Jeni did and said - they are so precious and special. My hardest LTGL was charting my food and keeping a food diary. I am working on that one this break, but my official LTGL that I am posting is my next hardest - water. Thanks for the giggles ! Take care and God bless, Deb emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1703 days ago
    Island was a killer for me emoticon
    1703 days ago
    emoticon I loved your stories!
    God bless you and keep you on your journey! Have a fabulous day!
    1703 days ago
    I love this blog and the one prior to it.

    The stories of your son and Diane's GD are so very cute and memorable.

    Just a quick not and maybe a tip? Our cat Shaylee named by my teenage son it is his cat and she thinks she is queen of our home. Well ok she must be I can see her and she is currently sleeping on my bed on my side at the feet while my DH sleeps. When I go to bed very very soon. I am not to disturb her for she will not move. We fan angle around her.. yes we allow this to happen. But our cat and teeny tiny dog our members of our family not just pets. Okay for the toy tip

    We have spent lot of money on special toys, treats and like you said the dishes. We too just use the glass it is cheaper and safer for both of them.

    However the dollar store always have these toys on sticks wither it be a mouse, feather, pom poms sometime that jute? that they love scratching on we just go once a month and get a couple that we play with it is easy too you just walk around with the stick dangling or sit in your chair moving it around slowly in same pattern works for our cat and sometimes she loves us to go higher. But she can already jump so high she can get on my tall entertainment center and I don't want her on top of things. Especially anything in the kitchen. She knows where her window seat is in the dining room and the chair she uses to get there although she can make it from the floor there as well. I love my cat or son's cat and I love cats more than dogs shhhh.. dog is laying at my feet and his feelings would be hurt. He actually gets as excited as a toddler whenever I am gone doesn't matter how long either. He will jump up all 10" that he can and start crying and whining for me to sit down so he can use his doggie step to get up and sit right by me. Then he stops crying with joy I guess. Sometimes if we need him out of the way quick so my oldest son's w/c doesn't run him over I do that. He is now 13 and we probably won't have him long he is a miniature toy poodle. If and when he passes which I hope that it is later than sooner. We will get another of the same breed. No shedding and so easy going and lovable. The cat is so lovable to when she decides you can love on her.. :)
    1703 days ago
    English is an interesting language to try to read by sounding out the words. Sometimes it depends on where you split the syllables too. My dad who learned English at age 50 when he came to Canada once pronounced Horseshoe Bay as Horses Hoe Bay. I googled layougahead to see what it was and the only result that came up was your blog !!
    1703 days ago
    Loved tonight's blog memories are awesome !
    1703 days ago
    My most beneficial LTGL was by far the No Random Eating. I found out so much with that one. Not that I ever thought I was perfect in my eating, but I thought I was better than what this minichallenge showed me. Very eye opening. Love reading your antidotes. My Grandparent had heavy accents also that had lead to a different way of interpreting things/sayings.
    1703 days ago
    Fun stuff!
    1703 days ago
  • TAMIP62
    LOL that cat has you whupped!!! I love the : good reason never to vacuum again, though. I am going to use that even though my cat and dog don't care if I vacuum or not. The Laughed story is adorable, and LOL@Lord bless this food fritz and tender juice. That is hysterical.
    1703 days ago
  • PHOENIX1949
    1703 days ago
    Love the reason for the word "LAYOUGAHEAD" and how it came about. When my GD was hmmm 7ish? Maybe even 8 we were on our way to the congregation meeting. The circuit overseer was visiting us that night. One comes around approximately every 6 months and lets the cong know how we are doing overall.
    So her Mom and I were talking on the way there. It must of been winter time because it was dark out and it was around 6:30PM. So my GD speaks up "I like it when the "circus" overseer comes. She's a very sensitive child so of course I did NOT laugh and she was of course was serious and I don't believe ever laughing at a child unless that was their intentions though it can be hard and it WAS for me for this. For in mind I could immediately picture him standing in front of the cong dressed up as a clown.

    It's amazing how their little minds work. Sometimes it's sad they grow up so fast. Other times growing up so fast just might save them such as when they "color" the walls with a black marker that is permanent.

    I DEFINITELY AGREE that cats DO see in color and have tried little Missy with a game on the puter? I have a tablet so I downloaded a game with mice running across the screen. When she "catches" one it SQUEAKS ! She LOVES this ! Like small children at times they grow they get bored with what they have. So I'll pick up some of the things she's not playing with and than bought them back out later on. I am currently doing this with the "mousey" game. It IS FUN FUN FUN !! Also if you haven't tried this, likely you have,,,, go onto such a site as youtube and play a video of a cat being given a bath (Something I am HIGLY AGAINST !! UNLESS the cat has gotten into something such as oil, paint etc which would be dangerous for them to digest.) cats are by and far very clean animals.

    As a side point: I had a kitty (the one b4 Izzy,, Princess of which she had been on my page for quite some time is in my pictures) who unfortunately was full of cancer from her mouth down to her stomach. It was a very aggressive cancer. To this day I FEEL GUILTY and HORRIBLE because the vet asked me "What her food kept in (what she eats out of)?" I said "Its a ceramic dish which is shaped like a cat. It has the head in which you put the water and the body in which goes the food." He told me that we do not know where the majority of these are made. Some being sold in the US by a US company, but they as so many others have their products make in a different company which do not follow the standards we do here. I did trace back where the dishes Princey ate from,, China. He told me "For now on ONLY feed your animals out of Corell (sp?) dishes or glass containers. He also mentioned NOT to use metal or plastic containers because they emit chemicals slowly over time into their foods. Just a side point, and one perhaps worthwhile checking out.

    I get her dishes usually at the $$ store or a 2nd hand, only because I can find some unique shapes and yes I ONLY use glass now. Also some keep pouring in hard food into a dish to keep it full, but one may not clean it each time. The germs that can build up. YO ! I do clean her dishes daily. Again just a side point and it's please read,,, my personal choice.

    1703 days ago
  • no profile photo CD1884311
    1703 days ago
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