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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Today, (it is still Tuesday for another 4 minutes), today it was the yellow pack. Yesterday it was the tuna, today the chicken so I expect tomorrow it will be the ocean delight.

I know what she really wants. That expensive canned stuff she was eating before I gave her a warm bed cuddled on my chest with her head tucked under my chin. Fancy Feast it was called. I can still see my face, (well not literally, but how I imagine I looked), when I saw what the neighbor lady was feeding a stray cat. I was in shock! Then I found out the neighbor Lady had 4 cats of her own and she was feeding them all fancy feast. I didn't tell the woman she must have more money than brai.... well never mind, I shouldn't have thought it either. It wan't a nice thought. I can promise you one thing, I am too smart and too poor to buy a cat expensive canned food with a name like fancy feast. An appropriately named food for a Queen I suppose, but that was before her Coronation when she was still a peasant. emoticon

I welcomed a new client today. I'm a kinesiologist and practice trigger point massage and reflex testing. It's really quite fascinating and I was really excited about working with someone new. It's especially fun to treat someone new because it's like searching for all the pieces to solve a puzzle. I welcomed the woman into my home, and hung her coat in the closet. When I turned around, there was Queen Cat shamelessly begging for attention from this new person.

"I'll shut the cat in another room," I said in apology.
"Oh goodness no," said the client. "I love cats and this one is so beautiful and sweet." She went on to praise her, (the cat), pretty coloring, she was holding her and making kissy sounds. Suddenly I realized the lady's hand was petting longer strokes. "NO", I said, trying not to raise my voice too much. "If you pet her hind quarters and back legs she will bite you," I showed her the fading bite marks on my arm.

"Ohhhhhh noooooooo, this pretty little baby is too sweet to bite." She was cooing like she was actually talking to a baby. Baby talk to a cat!

"She likes scratched under her chin", I said as I watched her pet the cat's hind legs and paws. Do you think that cat grabbed that woman's hand? Not once! Instead she looked adoringly up at her face and snuggled her head under her chin. The lady finally set the cat on the floor so we could proceed with the treatment. Secretly I was feeling kind of smug because she put the cat down before the paw came up to touch her cheek.

Cat watched every move while the client was lying on the table. When she sat up, didn't that cat jump right up into her lap again. I was patient while the two of them had their little snuggle session and said good bye.

After the lady left, the cat was sitting on the table meowing. Wanting a little snuggle time for myself, I picked her up and sat in the rocker with her, cooed to her in baby talk, praised her coloring, made kissy noises, I actually did kiss her on the top of her head. Well, she was having. none. of that. from me. She wriggled out of my arms, jumped down from my lap and went to sit in the window. She ignored me the rest of the day until she pooped. Then she came meowing to me to do the scooping and get her the treats. She ate some of the dry cat food I purchased at the dollar store, drank some water then sat on my chest while I was sparking.

**ooops we fell asleep Guess you could say we had a cat nap. Now there will be no more sleep this night. This will be a good time to plan some meals and make up a shopping list. I wonder if it's cheaper to buy Fancy Feast by the case? emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I don't know much of anything about your field, but "trigger points" combined with massage - to a person with fibromyalgia, I'd run for the hills.

    ROFL. Cats choose who and when they want attention from. I too am drawn to cats and would have been reaching out for Queen (I have a hard time making myself focus on people, even those I love, when there's a cat in the room). BUT I know cats have their boundaries and if an owner says, don't, I don't! That lady is lucky. There is NOTHING more therapeutic than a purring furball. What a gift Queen gave your client.
    1672 days ago
    The cat whisperer?
    1676 days ago
    I enjoy reading your blogs about Mistress Queenie so much, but I also get a kick out of all of your friends' comments too! I laughed out loud twice reading your friend who has the cat lady SIL and the 20 cats! I also laughed with whoever said have fun as she trains you! Thanks again for sharing!
    1697 days ago
    We have a cat as well or should I say DH has a cat. LOL Johnny(our cat) is so spoiled. DH gives him 1 can of cat food every morning when he gets up and he gets dry the rest of the day.
    God bless you and keep you on your journey! Have a fabulous day!
    1698 days ago
    We buy expensive food for our cats, but it's dry only. Iams. It is a lot cheaper when we buy the biggest bag, but it keeps the kitties healthier.
    1698 days ago
    Your cat is a major manipulator.... emoticon emoticon It is so fun hearing of her ploys to get you exactly where she wants you. BTW... I have a cat lady SIL and all she feeds her cats is Fancy Feast. The scary thing about her though is that she has about 20 cats. I'm not saying that Fancy Feast will make you a Cat Lady... you may want to be aware of the slippery road you may be on. LOL. Our family is attempting intervention.
    1698 days ago
  • no profile photo CD16257668
    Yes my picky cats that came from a barn only eat Fancy Feast Gravy Lovers. They would prefer just the gravy but to buy that is expensive. You can get it by the case, and its way cheaper. My finicky felines prefer the beef to any others.
    1699 days ago
    Oh, one of ours demands attention from everyone that comes in. If you pet her, you are not allowed to stop! And she and BamBam, the SS's chihuahua have a thing going on.
    The other, Kitty Bardot, is like a squirmy baby. Also, very jealous and hisses at anyone who comes in. She ignores BamBam
    1699 days ago
  • no profile photo CD16711123
    1699 days ago
  • PHOENIX1949
    Hmm - cat that bites the hand that feeds her. This is what popped into mind while reading your blog. Enjoy yourself while she trains you.
    1699 days ago
  • LPORTER2015
    Interesting blog! My cat never ate can food. Dry food is so much cheaper, but it sounds like you started the cat with can food. Pets can sometimes be picky and moody. Good luck!
    1699 days ago
    It is only a tad cheaper to buy it by the case emoticon
    1699 days ago
    I use to fee my cats canned food but the ones I have nw I never offered it to them and they actually won't eat it. Hard food is better for there teeth.
    Your kitten is quite the queen bee - sounds adorable.
    1699 days ago
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