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What If I Ate Every Meal.......as though it were fine dining?

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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Ok, so, this 20-minute meal challenge makes me look like this, emoticon instead of this. emoticon

Eating slooooooower has not come easily to most of us. We've googled and yahooed to find internet solutions to a problem that shouldn't be a problem at all.

Article titles like this;

How To Become A Slow Eater
9 Expert Tips For More Mindful Eating
How to Eat Slowly: 12 Steps (with Pictures)

They all say much the same thing. Sit at the table, make your meal time feel special with candles and flowers. (flowers would have me sneezing my food all over the place). Try to eat with others, put your fork down between bites while you count your chews, (and keep chewing after the food is disintegrated and your digestive system thinks it's garbage).
Take small sips of water between bites, (excuse me, but drinking during meals interferes with your digestion). blah blah blah

My favorite yearly project when I was working for PSU Cooperative Extension was a summer program I presented at one of the city's housing projects. I taught children ages 7 to 12, basic nutrition and table manners. The reward for completing the classes was an outing to the local campus Fine Dining Restaurant, LeJeune Chef and a tour of the college.


The children loved it! I might add that a good number of the kids that went through that program did go to several different colleges, and at least one of them became a chef and completed his degree in that very restaurant. I digress.

I learned a lot during the years I taught those classes. I had to learn what all that "stuff" on the table was before I could teach it to those bright eyed, eager to learn young people.

Sunday when I was setting the table for Mom and me, I had the thought that became the title of this blog. What if I ate every meal as if it were fine dining? It could easily take 20 minutes.

Serve the meal in courses.
Use the proper salad fork and knife and cut the salad one bite at a time.
Pull bread apart one bite size morsel at a time and spread butter on each piece.
Eat your soup by pushing the spoon away from you and never, never tilt the bowl or cup to get the last bites.
Cut meat one bite at a time, and chew it thoroughly.
Enjoy quiet conversation
Don't talk with your mouth full.

To name a few.

Wow! Who actually eats like that at home? Especially if you eat most of your meals alone.

I have used improved manners when eating alone this week, and yes it does take more time. I must admit to feeling better about myself and my meals, (note I said meals, not simply food).

I wonder if Emily Post was skinny? Yikes! Look at that waist. I will be eating all my meals as fine dining!

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