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New BLC, New Team, New Start

Thursday, June 08, 2017

Well, a number of things I mentioned in my last blog didn't go as planned...and as it turns out that is a GOOD thing.

I did NOT do the Flying Pig. Which turned out to be an EXCELLENT decision, because my daughter's graduation from college was that day! SO PROUD OF MY AUTISTIC KID!

I DID do the Heartwalk with a team from work, which was comprised mostly of my family (a few other people signed up, but the only one we actually hooked up with was my supervisor). It was the grandbaby's first race, but he got a little overwhelmed so Mommy took him to the library to wait for the rest of us to finish. Here he is with Daddy, both in their race t-shirts.

Unfortunately, my left heel decided it REALLY didn't like the distance we walked (even though I'd been training and working up to the distance, I hadn't done much outside and pavement is less forgiving than the treadmill). I also had dental surgery later that month, and got my temporary partials (I get the permanent ones this weekend - gods I can't wait, I am tired of talking around these beasts, the permanent ones involve a lot less hardware). And didn't know they could be adjusted until April, so I lived with a whole lot of mouth pain for several weeks. Lost 5 lbs through that period, because I was barely eating, though once I did start solid food again the loss didn't last. In any case, I didn't make it back to the gym until *cringe* I got up this morning (actually Wednesday night).

In GOOD news, I finally got my A1C drawn (long story involving my doctor not having any nursing staff in his office the day I went specifically for the lab draw) and it was slightly down from my last one, so my (condescending anyway, I'm still looking to replace him) doctor did not insist I start diabetes medication. Yet. But it only went down a very small bit, and I need to do better than that.

And, while I participated in the last round of the Biggest Loser Challenge (BLC 33), I ended up disappearing on my team and falling off the wagon pretty hard the last few weeks of the challenge, due to school and work stress and deadlines. I'd kind of thrown in the towel and decided I was going to focus on school, until I ran into a financial aid snag that resulted in my not being able to take classes this summer unless I pay for them out of pocket. I will be taking the class that starts in a few weeks (they split our semesters in half, and I usually take one class per half-semester), but at the moment I do not have homework deadlines. And thus, no excuses not to jump back into the pool and get 'er done.

SO, I rejoined for the summer round of the BLC, but decided to go with a new team. I LOVE my Magnificent Midnight Mustangs, and will still see them on Facebook and around Sparkpeople, but I needed to shake things up and not just keep on doing the same old same old. SO, I'm now a Resolute Renegade! It's a challenging team with a stiff learning curve if you're not used to their routines, but I think I'm up to the task. So far so good, I've managed to track my initial weigh-in and my tracking for the first day of the week, so I'm starting out strong! Especially since it got my butt back to the gym!

Here are my "Resolute Renegade Vision Statements" -

emoticonI will be Resolute about planning my meals, snacks and exercise times every week!
emoticon I will be a Renegade against unplanned snacking before bed!

So far so good!

Now it's time to go pick up the grandspawn for some Nana and Gavin time. emoticon

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