My Mom

Saturday, September 09, 2017

Another loss.. this one was very hard. I probably can't type about it too much now. It is sad to lose my Mother. I was always very proud of her. She was born and raised in Oregon, got her undergraduate degree in chemistry with a minor in English. She was offered a job at a prestigious hospital in New York City and took the train across the entire country. Not knowing a soul and making that trip alone amazed me. She never talked about it. She DID talk about going to a dance .. dragging her feet.. but happy to have gone. It was at Fordham University or NYU. My father was going after his degree and asked my mother to dance. The rest was history.
I'm the oldest of 5 and the only daughter. We all get along. My Mom was a calming influence to everyone. Even in her last days she was always smiling at everyone. She was diagnosed with altzheimers 10 years ago but signs were there even years before that.
I pray for a cure.

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