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Pick Yourself Up, Dust Yourself Off...

Sunday, September 24, 2017

and start all over again.

Last week was not a good week for healthy eating. Well, I maybe had a couple of healthy meals, but by and large, I ate too many calories, and too much refined sugar. I almost wonder if I subconsciously wanted a fail week - everything has been going so well, it had to happen sooner or later.

I will blame the whole thing on work stress - this is my busiest week of the year - I put in extra hours and had to concentrate on work, not home. I was able to walk once midweek, and that helped, but that's it. No time or energy to fit in daily walks. I also had a head cold and a sore knee. Lots of excuses, yes! I guess I knew this week was coming, and I could have planned ahead, but I really wanted to see how I would handle it without planning, because sometimes that's what happens - we're blindsided by the unexpected, and our instincts take over.

I am not letting this slip-up bother me. I intend to spend some time today getting ready for another busy week. I'll prep some of my go-to healthy foods, and stash away the tempting foods that I tend to over indulge in. One thing I've noticed - my fridge is packed right now. When that happens, and it becomes too much effort to find the things I'm looking for, I tend to get frustrated and give up on my plans and just grab the easiest thing. So I will give it a clean out and try not to pack it so full in the future.

After this latest heat waves moves out, I will get out and do some yard work and get at least one long walk in - maybe more. I foresee the scale moving back down next week, and everything leveling out once again. Work is still going to be hectic, but I'm in the home stretch now - and I can handle the next few weeks. Onward!
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