Alopecia Areata Awareness Month & Syd

Monday, September 25, 2017

My granddaughter Sydney is 14 years old, a Freshman in high school. She's had Alopecia since she was about 9 yrs. old.

At first she had small bald patches that could be covered up with clever hair styling. As time went on she lost her eyebrows and eyelashes and too much of her hair to do anything except shave off what was left.

Her parents bought her a beautiful human hair wig and she wore it for a while. Then when she started 7th grade she told her mother on the first day of school, "Mom, I've decided to go as myself." So she went. No wig.

The school allows her to wear a hat or cap whenever she wants and she does that during the winter, for sure. Most days, though, she goes as herself, bare headed, in the most literal sense.

She is an A student, plays LaCrosse and has been studying violin and guitar for about 4 yrs. She has lots of friends. Surprisingly, no one bullies her. She has such a social, friendly personality, people of all ages simply like her.

To me, she is the perfect representative for Alopecia Areata Awareness.

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