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Run Run Rhonda - Montreal Rock n Roll Half Marathon Recap

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Montreal Rock n Roll Half Marathon
On Sunday I ran the Montreal Rock n Roll Half Marathon. I'm feeling quite proud of myself that I am writing a recap so soon after lol!

We have been on the road in our RV for 3 weeks now... driving from our home in Seaside, OR all the way to Montreal. We didn't take the straight route; but took time to see a few sights along the way. This is our 2nd major RV Road trip and we have both enjoyed seeing more of our beautiful Country (with some Canada thrown in for good measure!) The trip however hasn't been completely smooth sailing; we did have an electrical snafu in the RV and an issue with our PU that caused us some stress, money and time. Fingers and toes are crossed that all will go smoothly on the second half of this trip. We will be traveling to Arizona and that is where we plan to store our 5th wheel again over the Winter.

But back to the run re-cap. Set the alarm for an early rise this morning at 4:45am.

I had all my clothes and gear laid out, the coffee pot ready to go with just a press of the button, and our breakfast dishes set out....so my thought was we could be ready to leave by 5:30am. Didn't quite make that goal, but we were out the door by 5:45am; still works with a 7:30am start time. The RV park where we are staying is called Camping la cle des Champ. It is about 35 minutes outside Montreal in an smaller town called Saint Philippe. It is rural with some farm land and we would most definitely stay here if we visit again in the future. The park has great landscaping and our patio is pavers and has a nice table and chairs, a swing, and a fireplace. It is also moderately priced which isn't always easy to find close to a metropolitan area.

When I picked up my packet yesterday at the Expo, I received an all day pass on the Metro. The only way to really get to the start line is on the Metro so I wanted to make sure we had enough time to figure that out. We decided to park close to the finish and take the metro to the start. I thought I found the closest metro to the finish, but after parking (on the street) when we went into the station we found we were off by 3 stops. Oh well... there were other runners going into the station so we followed. After figuring out how to get a ticket for the hubby, we headed to the platform and shortly we were on our way. We disembarked the metro and followed the crowd walking to the start area. The lines at the porta potty were long, but it wasn't yet 7:00am so I had plenty of time... or so I thought. After finally getting through the line and exiting the bathroom at 7:45am I followed others and headed toward the start... which was on a bridge. The hubby was following along, (he goes to see me off) but he was stopped by officials and told he had to turn around. Spectators weren't allowed on the bridge... so we said our goodbyes.

I continued on and saw a whole row of porta potties with NO one in line. I have to remember this in the future as the first ones you see are always the busiest, and the ones closest to the start are usually quick and easy. I had no idea that the start line was another 10 minute walk away so it was almost 8:00am when I headed into a corral to get started. A few days ago, I received an email from RnR that the full marathon was being canceled. The weather has been unseasonable warm and humid and today was predicted to be especially hot... so they moved all the marathoners to the half; or gave them a deferral to next year. I was so relieved that they didn't cancel the Half. What a disappointment that would have been to travel all the way across the Country and have the event canceled

My DH and I have been to Montreal once before; about 20 years ago; so we enjoyed seeing how the City has changed. As I was running, I recognized several sights; but for the most part everything looked different. Many areas of the City have historic buildings and we also ran through the park where the World Fair was held years ago. The landscaping in the City this time of year is lush and green and the course was fairly flat. Toward the end, we did have a few hills and bridges; but it wasn't exceptionally difficult. Even though the field of runners was huge, I didn't have much issue with crowding and people walking two or three abreast in front of me. For the most part, I was able to just run my pace. I did have an issue crop up at the beginning however. I was at about mile 2 when DH called and when I answered his call it was dropped. Of course, I was thinking all sorts of dreaded thoughts. He has never called me before so must be serious. When I finally called him back, he said he couldn't find where we parked! I had taken a photo for him on his phone on google maps but he was having problems... everything looked different. As we were talking he spotted the PU so big sigh of relief. The distraction however did cause my interval timer to stop and I wasn't about to stop and fiddle with my phone any more. I like to have my phone give me a signal when to walk, when to run, and a re-cap of my time every mile.. but wasn't happening. I just had to wing it. I did have my Garmin on so I wasn't totally in the dark and was able to check my stats.

The weather was warm, but there were plenty of water stations and I didn't have any problems. There were also several areas where the fire hydrants were spraying water and that cooled you down. I also had my "cooling towel" with me and I kept it wet and around my neck. It was also good for covering my shoulders when I was in direct sun. Those cooling towels are great... highly recommend for running, walking, golfing or hiking in warm weather.

The finish line and festival was at a park located downtown. As I finished, I looked for DH and was disappointed that I didn't see him. Funny story, he didn't see me either, however he knew I was close as I had sent him a live track link from my Garmin so he could see my progress. He had a video going at the finish line and when we looked at it later; I was on it running through the finish lol.

I want to give a special shout out to my friend Elisa (LDYHZE). I sent her a live track and she watched me run the City. Her comments were just hilarious. Here is one of the screen shots. Really put a smile on my face. Thanks Elisa!

All in all, it was a nice event and I had a good time. With the completion of this half, it makes 31 consecutive months that I have done at least one Half Marathon. I am registered for an event every month through next February; so if all goes according to plan I will have a streak of 36 consecutive months. I'm not sure if I will continue my streak or not past that point... it is getting to be a lot of pressure!

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