Giving it an other try

Monday, October 16, 2017

Geeze, where should start?

I guess I just gave up last May, mostly due to pain. What I thought was a mere plantar fasciitis, turned out to be a heal bursitis that just didn't want to heal. I decided to get medical help when I just couldn't put any weight on my foot one night. Then I got scare that if a fire was to start in the middle of the night, I would just be incapable of getting out on my own and worst, wouldn't be able to help my 90 year old mother to escape.

So I consulted a podiatrist and got prescribed ortheses to correct my feet alignment. But the pain just didn't stop in a jiff, it took weeks for my bursitis to get better. Still, it is not yet completely healed, as I still have some sharp pain sometimes.

As a result of all this, I wasn't able to exercise at all, since just doing my work shift took every once of energy I had to cope with the pain. And of course, the weight creeped up on me, no surprise there.

I am not completely healed yet, (maybe it will never heal completely either), but I just can't keep my head in the sand and let the weight go up any longer. It just not is an option because the more I weigh the more the problem will increase.

So, sparkers, I can't promise a perfect path to shedding weight, but I can solemnly pledge to do my absolute best to eat sensibly and do a little exercise everyday, in order to get moving again and lessen the pain.

Anyone out there still reading this, thank you for your friendship and I shall share my progress and yours regularly from now on.

Have a great week.
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