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The Day From Hell..

Sunday, December 10, 2017

The photos are all from Nuit Blanche, an event that occurs one evening every year across the centre of the city, not only showcasing art and light, but getting people into remote corners and back alleys that usually people fear to tread. I put a lot of mileage in trying to find them all and still missed two (30,000 step night!)
Anyone who suffers from RA know they face bad days. Then there are really bad days, the kind that you grit your teeth and take the strongest medicine you have. The day of the sale in my building was one of those days. My shoulders had been hurting that week, but they ramped it up overnight and I couldn't sleep. I could barely dress myself, but was still determined to go on with it after all the work I put into it (pricing a lot of small things and displaying them) I had taken apart my apartment, using small drawers as my display cases and searching for things to put out.

Mom came over and helped me carry stuff out. The morning was slow and I only sold a few things to people in my building. Everything was priced so low, I barely made my $4 table fee back.

A poignant moment came when I sold a solid gold authentic Indian bangle for 50 cents to my neighbour booth operator. It had been given to me by a friend at the bridge club. When she first came into the club, she was a morbidly obese woman that immediately had the club buzzing. I paired up with her, led her along and encouraged her. Soon her skill at the game developed and her great personality won people over and she started playing with better partners. She had given me the bangle in honour of our friendship right off her arm (she said they were given to her by her Indian husband and she never took them off!)! But later, as she got in with the top players, she dumped me and had nothing more to do with me.

Mom bought some cinnamon twists and I split half the box with her. There was so few people coming there was nothing to do. My sister came in from out of town and took Mom out to eat and I assured them I was fine, they didn't have to rush back.

Finally, at about 2 pm, people were packing up and leaving. There was no business, it was a complete waste of time for most of us. I was happy, though, that at least my other neighbour selling some gorgeous paintings had at least sold a few. My sister and Mom had come back and I said I was done. It was supposed to be over by four, but half the sellers had already left.

After dropping all my stuff off, Mom and Sandy invited me to go back with them to Mom's, but declined, saying I needed to put stuff away. I was in a lot of pain, my throat was still sore and I didn't want to come home to a mess with everything stacked up along the hallway and my apartment in total disarray.

Loved this corridor of batik work by school students:

Upset and in pain, I really tackled the work. I was determined to put back and organise things as I went. I discovered a dead fly in one of the drawers when I opened it to put something in it and saw they really needed a good cleaning. Most of what I was getting was low, so involved a lot of deep squatting and didn't bother my shoulders as much as they didn't need as much movement.

There were four areas in my apartment I was cleaning and organising. An open rack of drawers with 15 drawers, half shallow and the other half bigger. Then a wall storage closet with 5 shelves. A storage container on top of my desk with three drawers. A nightstand with 6 drawers and finally, the storage room with six plastic boxes stacked on one another.

I dumped everything on my bed and one by one cleaned the drawers and put them back into the cabinet. Then I started to figure out where to put everything back so it was together (for example all my saved washing instruction labels and scattered spare buttons were all put in the same bag.) I had to change my water twice before I was done.
I was surprised this 'rock canyon', a bunch of bags with lights in them, didn't blow away in the brisk winds we had that night:

To my frustration, I kept discovering things that needed to be put into the storage room boxes and had to continuously un stack them and get them in there. I didn't have enough space to leave everything all hanging open. I pulled things out of the shelving closet, wanting to rearrange them so the things I used frequently were at a more comfortable height to reach. This was my biggest challenge as the top shelves were higher than my shoulders and I couldn't lift my arms up they were so frozen and in screaming pain. I simply couldn't wash the ceilings of the shelves.
Some displays were projections put to music:

I lost track of time. I knew I wouldn't sleep with this much pain so was determined to get it done. I had taken two of my narcotic pills that day and it didn't touch the pain.

I had done an incredible amount of squatting and lifting, thankfully all below my shoulders so I didn't aggravate them further. But when it finally came time to vacuum after all the dust stirred up, I could barely lift and move the vacuum. I was truly done for. I did manage it and it was 9:30 pm by then. I had been gargling with salt water for my throat. My Mom thought maybe it had been my allergies bothering me from stirring up all the dust searching for things.
This art work was created with the use of the Canadian Light Source synchrotron. The first ever to do so. These creatures were too small to be seen with the naked eye:

My throat was less sore this morning and I think the cleaning really helped. I have a hepa filter vacuum so it wouldn't throw dust in the air.
I think I am fully over the food poisoning. Not being able to do my morning exercise, I asked to go shopping with my Mom & sister today. I scored a fleece vest for $10 at a store closing sale. We went to lunch at Mom's favourite Asian place and I only ate half of my meal, steamed rice with chicken and veggies in a basil sauce. But I did have snacks and ice cream in a cup at Costco. It was difficult getting in and out of the car and putting my seatbelt on, but I managed. It was nice to get out of the house. Its been a bad winter for ice and I have been stuck inside. Tonight it was trying to rain again. All the snow has been melted down into a hard pack of solid ice. Its too dangerous to walk. I tried to walk around my neighborhood and slipped five times, but didn't fall at least. The days have been mostly overcast, making my dark little north facing apartment even darker. I have been really getting into online dance videos, playing great music and putting all my Christmas lights on, making it seem like a disco room with all the sparkles.
Its going to be a busy week for me. Monday I meet with the Health region group. Tuesday I get a fall safety inspection of my suite and Friday I have bridge. I hope the ice has melted away by then.
Have a great week everyone, thanks for stopping by!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Wow!! Looks like a lot of work goes into this!! Its tough when you invest so much time into something and there's a lacking on attendance etc.
    No matter. You will, I'm sure, leave with many things you've learned from this experienced.

    Rest up, feel better and Happy New Year!!

    1258 days ago
    You've been busy! I am still working on decluttering our place. It isn't easy!
    I sure know what you mean about the arthritis pain-mine has really flared up lately, with this cold snap we have had here in FL. But, nothing compared to yours, but it still is hard to move around and get things done. I don't use pain meds, they never worked anyway. Plus, I am allergic to Nsaids. Sometimes the side effects are worse than the medicines. Nice pics! Glad you enjoyed all of those!
    Ever tired zinc lozenges? We are using them now, that we have sore throats and may be coming down with a cold. It may be our allergies too. Feel better soon. emoticon
    1279 days ago
    The pictures are awesome.
    I hope you are feeling better after after all that work. I am still working on de-cluttering things.
    I did get rid of a few of my bus driving clothes to a lady I am training to take my place.
    I still have some for when she calls me to sub for someone.
    It is so windy here, last night and today.
    I am waiting for it to warm up. I Hope!
    Have a great day and be careful.

    1279 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1281 days ago
    I love the pictures, they are amazing. Think the Batik corridor is my favorite. You always find the most interesting things to photograph. I wish the sale had gone better for you AND especially wish you didn't have all that pain. That is too bad about the woman too. She obviously didn't understand the meaning of true friendship. I think I have been in a similar cleaning boat this week. Amazing how you start and before you know it, it ends up becoming a project. I really am a minimalist at heart, but my husband is a pack rat.

    You know you really are an inspiration? I always find our "conversations" and your blogs so interesting. Must be great minds think alike.

    Stay warm.
    1281 days ago
    So glad you are now feeling better. Your photos are wonderful. Wish the sale had gone better for you, but perhaps the bad weather had something to do with it being a dud. Be careful on the ice.
    1281 days ago
    Beautiful art work. You are very talented. Thank you for sharing.
    1281 days ago
    That sounds like a LOT of work and pretty discouraging but you stuck with it and can feel really proud of yourself.

    But yeah: day from hell, no kidding.

    So glad you are feeling better today.

    Looking forward to hearing about your work on the patient advisory committee!
    1281 days ago
  • PCOH051610
    I love how you manage to write a blog entitled "Day From Hell" and still have the strength and mental fortitude to post such great pictures and commentary. YOU are amazing!

    1281 days ago
    Glad the cleaning helped with some of the pain.
    Definitely makes me feel better to have things organized!
    1281 days ago
    What a contrast--the alternating images of facing the pain and taking in the beauty. Someplace inside was telling you to keep moving, which worked this time. Don't you find that once you have started an activity sequence like this you are very compelled to finish no matter what and then only later are able to determine whether the effort improved or ruined yourself? You have my blessings.
    1282 days ago
    Glad to hear pushing thru that pain made you feel better!
    You are such a strong willed Woman,i so Admire that!!!!
    emoticon the batik as well.Thanks for sharing
    these beautiful pix! emoticon emoticon
    1282 days ago
  • MARUKI52
    I don't know how you do it. You are one amazing lady. Well done and I hope the pain starts diminishing soon. emoticon to a plucky lass.
    1282 days ago
    Ahhh Linda...once again you amaze and impress me. 30,000 steps!!! I haven't gotten more that 1,000 steps max. My ankles and feet just don't allow it. I hear you on the shoulder pain. Oddly (or not) my artificial shoulder has REALLY been bothering me. DH thinks I have injured it somehow...torn something. I know I need to have it looked at but have really just had too many MD appointments for other issues. It never ends, does it?

    The photos are gorgeous. The Batik is my favorite too.
    God bless....tomorrow is another day...maybe it will bring you some relief. One can always hope, anyway.
    1282 days ago
    I'm glad I read your status first so I knew you are at least feeling better.
    1282 days ago
    These are some amazing pictures. I feel you are doing the right thing, staying busy. You are so amazing. Getting in all those steps, cleaning and organizing even though you were in so much pain. Hope you are able to get some rest tonight and that you feel better in the morning.
    1282 days ago
  • LINDA!
    Love the photos - especially the batik. Although the pain, you were definitely able to keep up with exercise. Feel better....sleep in, if you can.
    1282 days ago
    Some really beautiful art. At least that part was enjoyable. Hang in there
    1282 days ago
    Great photos ! Sounds likeyou had a busy but fun day!
    1282 days ago
    Wow, these photos are so cool. And I'm still wrapping my mind around 30K steps, despite pain! OMG, I would've loved to buy the Indian bangle and for way more than 50 cents! You are made of steel; despite incredible pain, you get so much done and enjoy life to the fullest. Impressive.
    1282 days ago
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