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"Race" to the Finish- 210 Days to Goal

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Hey Sparkies,

So in my last blog I spoke about how I had used the SP calculator and according to it if I started on December 14 and made concerted efforts that allowed me to lose 1.5 pounds per week, I should have been able to reach my goal weight of 140 pounds by May 26, 2018. I had calculated and realized that that was 165 days which I had decided to attack in 4 "blocks" of about 40 days with the first "block" being 45 days which would have been yesterday. The plan was basically the same plan I've had for about all of the latter part of last year.
1. Eating -no more than 2000 calories a day and no more than 2 servings of junk food a day, also not bringing more than 2 servings of junk food into my house at any one time (because it's as they say "You can't eat what you don't have")
2. Exercising- doing my scheduled Beachbody workout or a suitable alternative and meeting my 10,000 step goal daily.

Unfortunately I put the plan aside for basically all of the rest of December which shot me back up to my SP starting weight of 184 lbs. Nevertheless like so many others I used the momentum of the New Year to get myself back on track which allowed me to weigh in this morning at 175.8 lbs. An accomplishment though this was it also meant that I had to spend the morning reworking my plan/program or at least the dates.

The original 40 day "block" program which should have started December 14 is obviously bust and so today I am starting my new 210 day "Race" to the Finish. This new plan/program will have the same eating/exercising goals but the new average weekly weight loss is 1.2 lbs instead of 1.5 because I want to give myself room to breathe and make mistakes and make up for them. Also instead of 4 forty day blocks, I'll be doing 5 "checkpoints" of 42 days where I look at how well I stuck to my goals, what I can do moving forward and just generally check in and ensure that I'm on track.

I've made weight goals which are as follows

"Starting" Line (January 27, 2018): Weight 175.8 lbs

Checkpoint 1 (March 9, 2018):
Intended Weight- 168.6
Actual Weight-

Checkpoint 2 (April 20, 2018):
Intended Weight- 161.4
Actual Weight

Checkpoint 3 (June 1, 2018):
Intended Weight- 154.2
Actual Weight-

Checkpoint 4 (July 13, 2018):
Intended Weight- 147
Actual Weight-

"Finish" Line (August 24, 2018):
Intended Weight-140
Actual Weight-

As I said in my last blog though this is about so much more than the scale. My aim is to focus on cultivating and rewarding my habits because I have direct control over each and every one of them versus the scale. My aim is consistency. My aim is living the life that I'll live for the rest of my life.

So yep. That's it for now. Just putting the vision out there to keep me accountable on track. And here's to the next 41 days. emoticon emoticon emoticon

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