June 1st --- Getting back on track yet Again!

Friday, June 01, 2018

So I have come back to spark after a year long break. Old habits die hard, May I signed in again and have been back 1 month. Trying to break old habits is really not as easy this time, I seem to have lost all will power to say "NO" to food. I have struggled with water and with 10 minutes of exercise most of May. Trying to make better food choices and getting my head and heart back into this.

Today is my goals setting day and June 1st is my start date. So here I go yet again! I know I can do this and I will. I have started the small changes challenge again and know this helped me the last time.

Day one: My goals for June are:
1) Drink that water!
2) Cardio 30 minutes 3 times a week.
3) Strength training 20 minutes 3 times a week.
4) Stay within my calorie, carbs, fat, protein and fiber ranges.
5) Take one "Me" day every week to regroup and tweak things as needed.

Day one is set your goals and I have....notice no weight loss goal this month. I just need to get the basics down again and rest follows. Starting out slow should help me stay on track, once I get this down the confidence will build like so many times before, the trick this time is to maintain that confidence after I hit goal and not think of it as a free ticket to eat and not exercise because I have hit goal....it is going to be a life-long change to maintain and it is going to have to be one I can live with. :)

I have found my loving Bf with a metabolism of a raging train is not my best ally in the food department...hahaha. So this is another hurdle I will have to manage. "Come on have a little more" and "you can have the rest of the ice cream" are challenges I will over come this month.....Willpower is what this is going to take!

So wish me a month of staying on track and keep me focused my SP support system!

Happy Sparking everyone.

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