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Thursday, June 07, 2018

How many times have I heard Jill (our GPS voice) say that word! We make an unexpected turn, the roadway suddenly has moved onto a newly paved section or we just flat out refuse to follow her directions and she has to "recalculate". That's where I am 3 months down the road. My losses had slowed to smaller increments of a pound and I just needed to take a look at the big picture and see why!

1) Calories IN - No problem here though I think I could improve my ratios of Proteins/Carbs/Fats so I'm going to work on that. MORE protein.

2) Calories OUT - This has also drastically improved as I'm getting an average of 45 minutes of cardio a day but not as much strength training as I should be doing so that needs to bump up.

3) Sleep - Now this has been up and down. Wearing a full face mask with a bi-pap machine can make this tricky but I'm going to try to improve to a solid 6 hours a night.

4) Connectivity - Excellent - I'm checking in daily, reading blogs, nutritional articles, motivational pages. I could blog a little more about my own journey to keep it in focus.

5) Support - I'm getting excellent support from my family and closest friends but I do need to learn to lean on them a little more when I need to. It's hard as I want to feel I can go it alone but I know that sometimes we have to let someone else join us on the journey.

6) FWF - Fun Without Food This is a growing edge for me after years of making food my number one leisure activity. I have lots of room for improvement but am working on this. I just need to keep pushing that edge. The more weight I lose the more this will improve as I will feel more confident about doing things in the public eye.

I think Jill has plotted a course for me that I can travel for awhile! I'm going to...

Press On!
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