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30 Pounds Down Again!

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

I have lost and regained a lot of weight in my adult life. On a very bad night when I truly feared I might have a heart attack after regaining a LOT of weight I sat up in bed and said... I'm done with dieting. I can no longer look at anything as a temporary means to an end. I have to make a core change in my life. I want to live another 20 years if possible and I want them to be quality years. My friend Jane asked what was my motivation. That's a very good question because I think it's the keystone to success. Motivation is going to vary from person to person. For some it might be health related (diabetes, heart disease, auto-immune disease, etc.) for others it might be appearance related (an upcoming reunion or wedding, fitting into certain clothing), for others it might be something specific like a "bet" with a friend of family member or a competition among a group of people. I think our motivation can shift and change over time as well. Motivation is what triggers us to action and action is where we make progress (whether that be counting points, calories, carbs, running, biking, swimming, changing the types of foods we eat, etc.). So motivation is the catalyst to action which is the path to progress.

Here is my point in writing all this. While the catalyst for regaining can vary (surgery, medication, inactivity, vacation eating, comfort eating, etc.) the fact remains - gaining involves eating more food than your body burns at any given metabolic setpoint. Like many of us I have read, purchased, sampled and sought that "perfect" pathway to health and wellness. Many things have worked for a time. Just doing something different has usually been catalyst enough to lose "something".

So here I am slogging away but making progress and I'm still learning. I am constantly adjusting and retooling and pushing. In the car on the way home we passed the doughnut shop and I said oh what I would give for a doughnut then my husband sweetly said "but that's in the past". YES... thank you my dear husband for reminding me I have made a change and I must stick to it so I can enjoy the golden years ahead with my best friend and love of my life. I always fear failure, backsliding etc. but I have made my husband promise me that he will do something he NEVER has before if I do. I have asked him to sweetly remind me that I want to spend more years with him and that we are both going to try to be as healthy as we can. Yesterday I checked in on my 87 year old father and as I was leaving he said - "I can really tell you have lost weight. I pray for you every night that you can be successful." Yes, I have people that WANT me to succeed and I want to succeed too. I think now I want that more than that doughnut. :)

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